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Publication Date Article Title Publication Authors
08/23/13 Walter Hang Interview on WNBF Re: President Obama's 8/23/13 Visit to Binghamton WNBF Bob Joseph
08/23/13 Pro and Anti-Fracking Groups Will Greet President in Binghamton WICZ
08/22/13 Anti-frackers respond to Cox's comments YNN Web Staff
08/22/13 Anti-Frackers Will Be At B.U. WBGH
08/22/13 As Obama Visits Upstate New York, the Fracking Debate Takes Center Stage Time Bryan Walsh
08/22/13 Walter Hang Interview on WHAM Re: President Obama's 8/23/13 Visit to Binghamton WHAM
08/20/13 Anti-Frackers Respond to Cuomo's Comments WICZ
08/20/13 Protests planned for President’s visit YNN Elyse Mickalonis
08/20/13 Walter Hang Interview on WNBF 8/20/13 Re: President Obama's Upcoming Binghamton Visit on 8/23/13 WNBF Bob Joseph
08/19/13 Obama heads to center of NY fracking debate Ithaca Journal Jon Campbell
08/16/13 Obama to be Greeted by Anti Fracking Protesters In Upstate New York NPR Karen Dewitt
07/22/13 WRFI Interview July 22, 2013 WRFI
07/20/13 DOE: Fracking Didn't Taint Water WICZ
07/16/13 Walter Hang Interview on WNBF 7/16/13 Re: Hundreds of Letters Sent to State Fracking Advisory Panel Members Calling for a Comprehensive Shale Fracking Public Health Impact Study WNBF Bob Joseph
07/09/13 Fracking Opponents In New York Say Gasland Movies Help NPR Karen Dewitt
05/30/13 Drilling supporters and opposition press their case as Cuomo visits Press & Sun-Bulletin Jon Harris
05/30/13 Anti-fracking advocates protest at BU YNN Melissa Kakareka
05/25/13 Cuomo: Decision On Fracking By 2014 Election WICZ
05/06/13 Fracking opponents send letters to Governor Cuomo YNN
05/06/13 Activists Write Governor Cuomo on Health Impact Study WICZ
05/06/13 Fractivist Letters WBGH
05/06/13 Cuomo Deluged by 1,000+ Public Health Impact Study Letters WNBF Bob Joseph
03/28/13 Fractivists Demand Health Study WBGH
03/28/13 Binghamton Mayor Ryan and Local Citizen Activists Call for State DOH “Public Health Impact Study” of Shale Fracking WBGH
03/28/13 Anti-fracking advocates sending letter to governor about health analysis YNN
03/27/13 Fracking roundup: Anti-frackers push Martens on health review; Pro-frackers tout Ed Rendell’s op-ed Politics on the Hudson Jon Campbell
02/27/13 WNBF Interview 2/27/13 WNBF Bob Joseph
02/26/13 Push for public comment on fracking review WBNG Kelly McCarthy
02/26/13 Fracking opponents want a say in the state's review of health impacts Press & Sun-Bulletin Steve Reilly
02/26/13 Fracktivists Push for Public Input WBGH
02/26/13 Coalition writes governor a letter against fracking YNN
02/26/13 Fracking Health Campaign WICZ
02/26/13 Campaign Launched to Require Formal Public Participation and Major Revisions for DOH Fracking Review WBGH
02/13/13 Cuomo on fracking: Decision too important to rush Ithaca Journal Jon Campbell
02/06/13 Lifton calls for further, public fracking review Press & Sun-Bulletin
02/06/13 NY lawmakers want public input on fracking review The Associated Press
01/21/13 Fracking Foe Calls On Health Experts to Push For Public Input WNBF Bob Joseph
01/10/13 Thousands gather in Albany for anti-fracking rally WGXC
01/09/13 Fracking Protesters Send Message to Governor WICZ Jason Weinstein
01/09/13 Fracking not mentioned in speech Press & Sun-Bulletin Jon Campbell
01/04/13 Cuomo unlikely to reveal fracking plans in State of the State address Hudson Valley Journal Jon Campbell
01/04/13 Movie brings fracking to Hollywood YNN Elyse Mickalonis
01/03/13 Panel: Important deadlines loom in New York fracking debate Ithaca Journal David Robinson
01/03/13 Video: Experts discuss hydraulic fracturing in Binghamton Ithaca Journal
12/13/12 Fracking's Lure, Trap and Endless Damage In the Public Interest Ralph Nader
12/12/12 Is Public Comment Period End of Fracking Review? WICZ Jason Weinstein
12/11/12 Future of Fracking Remains Uncertain in NY WAMC Dave Lucas
12/07/12 Drilling Meeting Controversy WBGH
12/05/12 Hydrofracking demonstrators out for Governor’s visit YNN