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Fracktivists Push for Public Input


There should be public participation allowed into New York State's health assessment on fracking.

That's according to a group of scientists, doctors, politicians, farmers and other residents. They have sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo asking him to put the State Health Department's review on-hold. Walter Hang, of Ithaca based Toxics Targeting, says the review needs to have formal written notice of what it involves. He also says it should allow for 30 days of public review and comment. And, there should be at least one public hearing.

Walter Hang says, "The final SGEIS must not be adopted, that entire proceeding has to be put on hold until these public participation requirements are completed. The last thing is we want to make sure that critical concerns that have been excluded from the proceeding are addressed."

Hang says those include the state not adequately addressing 650,000 known and potential toxic sites. And, thousands of abandoned gas and oil wells. Toxics Targeting has created an interactive map where you can see those areas of concern. It can be found at

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