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Happy Fractivist Thanksgiving

Please donate generously to support Toxics Targeting's efforts to end New York's addiction to polluting fossil fuels.

Thank you to all our amazing Contributors


Important Day Looming/Tale of Two Cities/Live and Learn


I write because tomorrow (Tuesday 11/7/17) is election day. First, I urge all registered voters to fulfill their civic duty. Second, I write to underscore that one of the key strategies of our successful campaign to safeguard New York from shale fracking and fossil fuel infrastructure hazards is that activists must hold elected officials strictly accountable for their actions.

What All of Our Hard Work Has Achieved/New York Could Soon be the First State in the Union to Halt All Fossil Fuel Production

Please donate generously to support Toxics Targeting's uniquely effective campaign to end New York's addiction to fossil fuels. Without your help, our work simply cannot be done.


I write to report some absolutely thrilling news about our efforts to halt New York's production of natural gas after nearly 200 years of polluting activity.

Thank You for All Your Generous Support/Please Help Toxics Targeting End New York's Addiction to Fossil Fuels

The Fossil Fuel Industry Strikes Back: NY business council faults state for inaction on natural gas infrastructure

Please donate generously to support Toxics Targeting's powerfully effective campaign to end New York's addiction to fossil fuels.

This is what we have all accomplished by working well together:

Take Urgent Action to Require Town of Dryden Officials to Halt the Borger Compressor Station Expansion by Enforcing Local Regulatory Requirements and a Public Utility Approval Moratorium

Read our latest news coverage which also breaks the stunning story that Town of Dryden officials reportedly granted Dominion Transmission, Inc. a crucial Building Permit to expand the Borger Compressor Station EXACTLY ONE DAY BEFORE A PUBLIC UTILITY APPROVAL MORATORIUM TOOK EFFECT WHICH WOULD HAVE BLOCKED THE PROJECT. This obviously defeats the purpose of the moratorium.

Take Urgent Action to Halt Dominion New Market Pipeline/Demand That the Town of Dryden Withdraw All Local Approvals and Require Governor Cuomo to Revoke the SPPP

Greetings Fractivists,

I write again to express deep gratitude to everyone who came from near and far last Monday to participate in the Dominion New Market Pipeline meeting with company representatives and Town of Dryden officials. We received more terrific press coverage that reported our advocacy efforts in-depth.

See: "What Are You Hiding?" – Citizens Question Dominion Pipeline Project

Calling All Fractivists/Show up at a Crucial Dominion Energy Public Meeting on May 1, 2017 to Stop the Proposed Expansion of the Borger Compressor Station on Ellis Hollow Creek Road in Dryden, NY

Greetings Fractivists,

I write with utmost urgency to request that everyone opposed to New York's massive build-out of fracked gas infrastructure show up in full force at a Dominion New Market Pipeline public meeting at 7:00 PM on May 1, 2017. The meeting will be held at the Varna Community Center (943 Dryden Road/Rt. 366, Dryden, NY 14852).

Thanks to One and All Who Helped Stop Northern Access Pipeline/Read the Enthralling Section 401 Water Quality Certification Denial Letter


I trust that all Fractivists are still basking in the glow of thwarting National Fuel's proposed $455 Million Northern Access fracked gas pipeline in Western New York. See below a nice note from an activist in Pendleton who helped carry the fight and appreciates our assistance.

Thank You For Supporting Toxics Targeting's Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Campaign

Many thanks, again, to everyone who helped win this stupendous victory.