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Fractivist Letters


A longtime anti-fracking activist is ratcheting up his letter writing campaign to Governor Cuomo with a new on-line message.

Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting in Ithaca held a news conference outside Governmental Plaza in Binghamton today to announce some early success. Hang says that over the past 10 days, 1,000 people have customized a form letter that he's made available on his website. Those letters are then e-mailed to Cuomo, his local representative, and the Commissioners of Health and Environmental Conservation. As with previous pleas, Hang and his allies urge the state to scrap its current draft environmental regulations and conduct a more thorough study of any potential health risks associated with fracking.

Hang says he thinks public pressure has played a role in delaying a final decision on hydraulic fracturing. "I believe that the coalition letters that Mayor Ryan and I and Dr. Perkus and literally tens of thousands of other New Yorkers have written in the last 3 and a half years are the main reason why there is still not a single fracked shale well in New York State."

Last week, a mid-level appeals court upheld a ruling that municipalities have the right to ban fracking. However, Hang says the anti-fracking movement should not focus exclusively on so-called home rule battles. He says the state regulatory process is the best way to protect the health and safety of New Yorkers. You can find Hang's form e-mail at

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