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Cuomo: Decision On Fracking By 2014 Election


Too soon or not soon enough? Governor Andrew Cuomo says he'll have his decision on fracking by the 2014 election.

Written reports say the Democratic Governors been waiting for State Health Commisioner, Dr. Nirav Shah's health review before making any decision on hydraulic fracturing.

Cuomo says the review should be completed in a few weeks. Anti-frackers say that review is invalid. Fracking supporters say 2014 is too far away.

"Don't let Dr. Shah finish the review who conducted it in secret without any public input. If you want to address the concerns that have been raised in good faith by elected officials in the Southern Tier and by concerned citizens, conduct a public health study," said President of Toxics Targeting Walter Hang.

"I think we've waited long enough. The facts are in. They've been in. We've recently walked with two of the memorial hospitals down in Pennsylvania. They don't have any health problems. They haven't see any health problems. These are two of the counties with the heaviest drilling going on. it's time for the governor to get this finished and get it moving," said President of the Joint Landowners Coalition Dan Fitzsimmons.

A decision on fracking has been on hold while the Department of Environmental Protection conducted its impact study.

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