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Anti-fracking advocates sending letter to governor about health analysis


BROOME COUNTY, N.Y. -- Environmental advocates continue to push for a new health analysis of hydrofracking.

Advocates in the Southern Tier say they are sending a new letter to the state. In it, the activists claim the Department of Health review currently underway is not meeting its mandated goals.

The anti-fracking advocates are calling on the state to conduct a public health impact study that includes review and comment from the community.

"Our letter just basically says to the Governor: Do a public health impact study. Address all of these public health concerns once and for all. And until that is done, don't adopt a final review. Don't lift the moratorium. Fulfill your promise to make sure these issues are going to be decided based on science," said Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting President.

The letter will be sent to Governor Cuomo and his top 100 campaign contributors.