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Anti-frackers respond to Cox's comments

"We're basically saying that the Governor has stood up and told the public that his final decision whether or not to allow fracking in New York will be based on science and that's a courageous stand," said Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting President.

Protests planned for President’s visit

Toxics Targeting and Citizen Action are joining forces to call on thousands of people to raise their voices about the hydrofracking debate.

“We’re all going to show up and confront the president that it is simply irresponsible to support shale fracking without assessing the health risks and adopting a pollution liability protection,” said Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting President.

Anti-fracking advocates protest at BU

Dozens of anti-fracking protesters from across the Southern Tier showed up to the Binghamton University campus. Many brought signs and led chants for the governor to hear. They say when they found out the Governor was coming to town, they sent out alerts and rallied everyone together so they could express their concerns to him face to face.

"More than three years ago, we promised that we would bird-dog him on shale fracking in every community where he showed his face. And that's why we are here today," said Toxics Targeting President Walter Hang.

Fracking opponents send letters to Governor Cuomo

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Anti-fracking advocates in the Southern Tier made another push for a public health impact study.

More than one thousand individual letters have been sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo in the past ten days.

Anti-fracking advocates sending letter to governor about health analysis

BROOME COUNTY, N.Y. -- Environmental advocates continue to push for a new health analysis of hydrofracking.

Advocates in the Southern Tier say they are sending a new letter to the state. In it, the activists claim the Department of Health review currently underway is not meeting its mandated goals.

The anti-fracking advocates are calling on the state to conduct a public health impact study that includes review and comment from the community.

Coalition writes governor a letter against fracking

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Hydrofracking opponents continue to push for public participation in the state's ongoing health review of the procedure.

Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan was joined by other coalition members Tuesday to announce the details of a letter that is being sent to the Governor. It has gained more than 1,500 signatures from environmental and civic groups, as well as scientists, physicians and other citizens.

The letter requests that Governor Andrew Cuomo put the Department of Health Review on hold, pending formal public participation and other revisions.

"There has never been a single piece of paper released to the public about the scope of the Department of Health review, how it’s being undertaken, what the critical issues are. There has been no public disclosure or public notice in any way about that entire proceeding," said Walter Hang, President of Toxics Targeting.

Movie brings fracking to Hollywood

This weekend, the movie Promised Land hits theatres, opening up the debate about hydrofracking to the entire country. Here in the Southern Tier, opponents of the practice came together for a special showing Friday. Our Elyse Mickalonis tells us what they thought of the film, and why they were inspired to speak out afterward.

Hydrofracking demonstrators out for Governor’s visit

BROOME COUNTY, N.Y. -- With the governor in town, people on both sides of the ongoing hydrofracking debate were out to make sure their voices were heard.

Pro- and anti- fracking demonstrators greeted Governor Andrew Cuomo during his tour. Both sides say it was important for the governor to see firsthand how the community feels about the issue.

Anti-fracking group cries foul on DEC

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Anti-fracking groups say they have new, documented proof that shows New York State isn't ready for high-volume hydrofracking.

Toxics Targeting, an Ithaca-based environmental group, gathered with elected officials in Binghamton Wednesday afternoon to present information from DEC reports that it says illustrates lack of preparedness for extensive natural gas drilling.

Hydrofracking debate plays into election season

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- As election season nears, the hydrofracking debate gets heated in the Southern Tier. Democratic Congressional candidate Dan Lamb held a rally in Binghamton opposing hydraulic fracturing in five counties in the Southern Tier on Tuesday afternoon.


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