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Fracking opponents send letters to Governor Cuomo


BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Anti-fracking advocates in the Southern Tier made another push for a public health impact study.

More than one thousand individual letters have been sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo in the past ten days.

Senders used an email program developed by Toxics Targeting. The letters request a public health impact study be done that includes review and comment from the community.

Advocates claim the Department of Health review currently underway is not meeting its mandated goals.

Fracking opponents say they believe their continued efforts are making an impact.

"I believe that the coalition letters that Mayor Ryan and I and Doctor Perkus and literally tens of thousands of New Yorkers have written in the last three-and-a-half years are the main reason why there is still not a single frack shale well in New York State," said Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting.

At the same time, landowners and fracking supporters continue to express their frustrations over the continued delays.

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