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Breaking News: Final SGEIS does NOT Necessarily Prohibit Marcellus Shale Fracking in New York State


The Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) just released today (5-13-15) by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation does NOT necessarily prohibit shale fracking in New York State.

In addition, there is no requirement that the key recommendation of the Department of Health would be enforced:

Red Alert: Call Governor Cuomo Today to Require Public Participation Before Proposing a Final SGEIS


I write to put you on Red Alert that a Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) might be adopted any day which would permit future shale fracking in New York. I implore you to take immediate action to make sure that our state is permanently protected from shale fracking.

Please sign a new coalition letter to help make sure that shale fracking is never permitted in New York


I write to request that you become a signatory to a new coalition letter which could play a crucial role in making sure that shale fracking is never permitted in New York State:

Contrary to Widespread Opinion Shale Fracking May Not Have Been Banned in New York

Amazing Revelations in the DOH Public Health Review/Thanks So Much For All Your Help

Please donate to support Toxics Targeting's on-going shale fracking work:


I write to share what I learned by reading A Public Health Review [PHR] of High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing [HVHF] for Shale Gas Development, which was released by the New York State Department of Health (DOH) on December 17, 2014.

Please allow me to wish all New Yorkers the Happiest of Frack-Free Holidays/Thanks so much for your help

Please donate to support Toxics Targeting's on-going shale fracking work:


It is still hard to believe that the Cuomo administration declared on December 17th that it reportedly plans to conclude the more than six -year-long Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact (SGEIS) proceeding early in January 2015 and issue a legally binding Findings Statement "prohibiting" high volume hydraulic fracturing of Marcellus Shale in New York.

Thank you/Our Biggest Challenge Looms Directly Ahead

Please Donate to Toxics Targeting's Award-Winning Marcellus Shale Campaign:


I write to thank each and every person who has contributed generously to support the New York Marcellus Shale Campaign.

Take Urgent Action in the Days Ahead


All hands on deck!!! The historic gubernatorial election that could decide the fate of Marcellus Shale fracking in New York is less than 48 hours away. I implore you to take urgent action in the days ahead.

Andrew Cuomo has promised to complete his secret Department of Health (DOH) shale fracking "review" "by the end of this year." If that DOH "review" is completed, a Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) could be adopted without further revision or any regulatory rulemaking proceeding.

Great Front-Page Fractivist Coverage Cranks up the Heat as Andrew Cuomo's Reelection Bid Enters Crucial Final Stage

Use this Quick Action Guide:


Once again, I am immensely pleased to commend everyone involved with this campaign for their hard work and incredibly successful efforts to safeguard New York from shale fracking hazards for going on seven years. That organizing achievement is simply mind-boggling. Thank you for all of your assistance.

Plan of Action Until Election Day/More Amazingly Powerful Letters Sent to Andrew Cuomo/Prominent Fractivists Respectfully Write Green Groups


Congratulations on yet another day without even one fracked shale gas production well anywhere in New York.

As you will see from the Primary Election clips below, we succeeded beyond all expectations in making Marcellus Shale fracking a critical reelection issue for Andrew Cuomo. Fractivists are repeatedly credited with playing a key role in helping Zephyr Teachout win an unprecedented share of Gubernatorial Primary votes.

I write today to outline how we can use that achievement to our best advantage in the weeks to come.

Thank You and Congratulations on Yet Another Historic Fractivist Day


Before all is said and done by the end of this extraordinarily important day, I want to commend all the Fractivists who worked so hard on behalf of this campaign during the last few weeks, recent months and nearly five long years.

Your unstinting efforts have collectively achieved yet another high-point in our drive to keep New York safe from Marcellus Shale fracking hazards. Thank you so much.