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Thank You for a Great Gubernatorial Campaign/Cuomo Could Make Key Shale Fracking Decision by End of Year/Take Action Today

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I am extraordinarily grateful to everyone who helped make Marcellus Shale fracking a critically important issue in the 2014 New York gubernatorial campaign. As you will see below, that was an incredible achievement.

Nevertheless, Governor Cuomo was reelected and reportedly said that his Department of Health "review" should be completed "by the end of the year." As a result, shale fracking could be greenlighted in a matter of weeks.

I write to outline what we must do to make sure that does not happen.

Relentless Fracktivist Criticism for Andrew Cuomo Had a Major Electoral Impact

Andrew Cuomo endured seemingly endless months of intense criticism for a) failing to halt his secret Department of Health (DOH) "review" and his outdated Draft SGEIS as well as b) refusing to require a comprehensive shale fracking "Public Health Impact Study" to be conducted openly and transparently. That relentless hammering had a huge electoral impact.

After getting pounded on this issue by Zephyr Teachout during the Democratic Primary, pummeled by Howie Hawkins during the general campaign and dogged by Fractivists at every campaign stop, Andrew Cuomo came nowhere close to matching his 2010 vote total of 62.6%.

The Governor repeatedly declared that New Yorkers would cast their votes based on shale fracking. Indeed we did. Andrew Cuomo won by a paltry 13.26% margin after polls earlier predicted that he would win by more than 23% with a >99% statistical confidence level. See:

To say that the Governor's prestige was tarnished by this electoral outcome is a generous understatement.

The Bottom Line: Governor Cuomo Could Permit Marcellus Shale Fracking to Begin At Any Time.

On the other hand, a win, no matter how ugly, is a win. That is why our backs could be against the proverbial wall.

Governor Cuomo reportedly said his DOH "review" should be completed by "the end of the year." If that happens, the "Final Draft" SGEIS based on more than five-year-old information could be adopted without further revision or any regulatory rulemaking.


We must make sure that Andrew Cuomo cannot rescind New York's going on seven-year shale fracking moratorium. We must do everything we can to kill the DOH "review" and Draft SGEIS.

Good Post-Election Press Coverage

We generated post-election press coverage with this goal in mind.

Keep Pressuring Andrew Cuomo

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I am absolutely persuaded that the Governor stayed off the campaign trail for extended periods because he feared being confronted by incredibly knowledgeable Fractivists who understand exactly what is going on.

Check out these absolutely astounding, beautifully expressed letters:

Onward and upward. Every day is a political eternity.

Very best regards,


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