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New York Primary is Tomorrow/Vote, Vote, Vote/Campaign All the Way to the End

Our campaign just received phenomenal press coverage in Denmark. Can you believe that? The whole world is watching our highly organized efforts to keep New York 100% free of shale fracking. Check it out.


Preliminary "Gelled" Propane Fracking Decision Could be Imminent According to Recent News Report/Call Governor Cuomo Today to Request That He Keep His Word to Prohibit All Types of Shale Fracking

Urgent "Gelled" Propane Shale Fracking Action Alert


I write to underscore that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo definitely has not "banned" High-Volume Hydraulic Fracking in New York because our state's limited HVHF prohibition exempts all waterless fracking methods.

That is why massive "gelled" propane fracking proposed in Barton, NY is reportedly moving closer to possible permit approval by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Important New Development/Call Governor Cuomo TODAY to Kill the Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Stop Climate Change Hypocrisy

Use this revised Quick Action Guide. Please call Governor Cuomo immediately at 518 474 8390 to request that DEC DENY the Water Quality Certification required for construction of the proposed Constitution Pipeline. Underscore DEC's documented inability to fulfill the requirements of Section 401 of the U. S. Clean Water Act.