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Ithacans Voice Drilling Concerns

A public hearing concerning regulatory measures for horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing for the local Marcellus Shale natural gas resource was held at the State Theater in Ithaca last night, the topic of discussion: the draft of the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (dSGEIS). While local Ithacans criticized both the proposed plan as well as the drilling in general, Department for Environmental Conservation (DEC), the government agency responsible for the draft, would only listen to critiques of the document itself.

Hydrofracking a threat to Southern Tier Ecosystem

Natural Gas Companies' “Hydrofracking” Represents a Dangerous Threat to the New York State Ecosystem, New York City Water Supply

Thousands Petition Gov. To Scrap Nat. Gas Regulations (VIDEO)

ITHACA -- Thousands of New Yorkers signed a petition asking Gov. David Paterson to scrap natural gas drilling regulations, and start from scratch.

Environmentalists, landowners -- even politicians -- are voicing concerns over the DEC's draft environmental impact statement on horizontal gas drilling.

Ithaca environmentalist Walter Hang found hundreds of spills not properly cleaned up after they were drilled using the traditional vertical method. He says if that could happen, horizontal drilling could also be problematic.

6,000 sign petition asking DEC to strengthen natural gas-drilling regulations

An Ithaca environmental activist and 6,000 other individuals and organizations asked the governor Tuesday to withdraw the state's newly drafted regulations on natural gas drilling, saying the state's entire regulatory framework needs to be strengthened before more drilling occurs.

Ithaca firm petitions to extend moratorium

Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting in Ithaca was scrounging Monday for celebrities to enlist in his fight against gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

"Anybody know the Dalai Lama?" he said to a group gathered in the Women's Community Building Monday evening. "Anybody know Richard Gere?"

Natural gas quest: Cayuga Heights won't accept drilling waste

Cayuga Heights has no plans to accept gas drilling wastewater in the foreseeable future, Mayor Jim Gilmore said Tuesday.

"Not in the near future, and based on what we know today, not even in the distant future. But I think it's a subject we'll probably have to revisit. Probably the industry will force us to," Gilmore said. "Already in the last couple months I've had private entities come to me and talk about processing drill water and I told them we're not in the business of accepting drill water at this time."

Events draw out gas-drilling views

ITHACA -- Residents are being invited to add their voices to the controversial conversation about state gas drilling regulations in a series of events Thursday.

The first is a rally, set for the Bernie Milton Pavilion on the Ithaca Commons from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Local and state legislators will take the microphone alongside several environmental experts and a few musical acts.

It will be followed at 7 p.m. by a public hearing at the State Theatre.

New Yorkers Rally at Lone City Hearing on Hydro-Fracking

The battle over natural gas drilling in New York state reached a crescendo Tuesday night. Hundreds of city and state residents converged on Stuyvesant High School in downtown Manhattan to have their voices heard on the State’s controversial decision to permit drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

Hang: Gas Drilling & DEC - Podcast

Toxics Targeting, Inc., president Walter Hang was interviewed on WHCU 870 AM on Monday, November 16, 2009. The interview appeared on the WHCU Morning Newswatch.

Natural gas quest: State files show 270 drilling accidents in past 30 years

The state's depiction of a clean, tightly regulated natural gas industry just got a shot of muck in the eye.

As the debate over the merits of Marcellus Shale development reaches a crescendo, an Ithaca researcher has culled a list of 270 files documenting wastewater spills, well contamination, explosions, methane migration and ecological damage related to gas production in the state since 1979.

Petition: Schlumberger has history of environmental problems

An Ithaca-based environmental firm has presented a petition to Horseheads village planners that requests a full environmental impact study for the Schlumberger gas drilling support facility proposed for an 88-acre parcel near Wygant and Ridge roads.

Toxic dump found under Horseheads High sports fields

In this view looking southeast from Thorne Street Park in Horseheads, football players warm up before practice behind the baseball field Thursday at Horseheads High School. The field sits atop a former landfill.

Toxic waste an even bigger problem in Horseheads, expert testifies

Toxic waste lies underneath much of Horseheads, Elmira Heights and the Newtown Creek watershed and allows vapors to enter homes, Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting in Ithaca said Thursday.

Hang notified the Horseheads Village Board about the estimated 7,680-acre area in an e-mail he sent Thursday.

Hang included U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Superfund records as well as state Department of Environmental Conservation reports.