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Binghamton prepares for DEC hydrofracking hearings

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Citizens in Binghamton will have the opportunity to speak about the hydraulic fracturing process this week. The DEC is holding a public hearing on the topic Thursday. Our Melissa Kakareka tells us what people can expect at the event.

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Advocates on both sides of the hydrofracking debate will make their voice heard at the Forum Theatre in Binghamton Thursday.

Thousands Want DEC Draft Withdrawn

(WBNG Binghamton) With the DEC hearing in Binghamton this week there's a call to scrap the DEC's revised draft supplemental generic environmental impact statement.

While others will call to press forward with natural gas drilling in New York's shale areas.

Fracking Battle Set For Binghamton

As the DEC gets set to hold public fracking hearings in Binghamton Thursday, it's task is not easy:

"Regulate what is by all accounts an intrusive industry but an industry that could have some real economic benefits," said Coughlin & Gerhart attorney Robert McKertich.

At the center of the hearings will be the DEC's latest Economic Impact Study, or S-GEIS. Those in favor of fracking say it's time to finalize the S-GEIS and move on.

Is Drilling Safe? New Evidence Suggests No (VIDEO)

Ithaca (WENY) - An environmental watchdog firm out of Ithaca claims DEC documents prove the department knew about hundreds of gas, oil and brine spills in New York causing harm to neighbors. Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting wants the DEC to scrap its most recent environmental study, claiming the evidence shows, the state can't effectively regulate. Hang's firm got the documents through the freedom of information act. The information shows over 200 natural gas and oil problems in towns across New York including five here in the Southern Tier. Hang is asking Governor Cumo to retract the environmental impact study, in which the DEC claims drilling can be done safely.

Residents fault DEC over claims of gas drilling impact on water wells

Ithaca -- Landowners who believe their drinking water has been affected by drilling activity in central and western New York said they have had trouble getting the state Department of Environmental Conservation to thoroughly investigate their cases.

David and Kelly Ferrugia, a couple in Chautauqua County in the far western tip of the state, have been unable to get their questions answered about why their water quality changed six years ago.

Rush to Drill for Natural Gas Creates Conflicts With Mortgages

As natural gas drilling has spread across the country, energy industry representatives have sat down at kitchen tables in states like Texas, Pennsylvania and New York to offer homeowners leases that give companies the right to drill on their land.

And over the past 10 years, as natural gas has become increasingly important to the nation’s energy future, Americans have signed more than a million of these leases.

Report says natural gas drilling wastewater spread across NY roads including Chenango

ITHACA –Toxics Targeting, Inc., an environmental database firm in Ithaca released government information Thursday documenting that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation authorized millions of gallons of natural gas drilling wastewater to be spread on thousands of miles of roads in New York, including in Chenango County, for dust control, winter de-icing or roadbed stabilization.

Auburn council votes against accepting gas drilling water


The Auburn City Council has passed a resolution to ban the city from accepting gas drilling wastewater into their sewage treatment facility. Our Katie Gibas tells us what led council members to this decision.

AUBURN, N.Y. -- The Auburn City Council has passed a resolution that will ban the city from accepting gas drilling wastewater into their sewage treatment facility.

Anti-drilling protest


UNION, N.Y. -- A group of Southern Tier residents made quite a stir Wednesday morning in the Town of Union. Members of various anti-drilling groups came together when they learned DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens was being interviewed at a local media outlet.

The group held up the signs as the commissioner exited the facility.
We spoke with one person who got a chance to talk to the commissioner and members of his team. She says she was pleased they let her speak her mind.

A Message for Martens

Town of Union, NY (WBNG Binghamton) New York's DEC Commissioner visits Broome County and is met with opposition just days after draft regulations for hydrofracking are issued.

Members of NYRAD, Toxics Targeting and others stood in the road, waiting for Commissioner Joe Martens Wednesday morning as he left another media outlet.

Martens' car drove by and there was no comment.

The groups say they want the draft re-done, adding equal protection in drilling regulations.

Gov may lift fracking ban

Hydraulic fracturing, or “hydrofracking,” is a controversial technique for extracting natural gas from shale deposits a mile or more beneath the Earth’s surface. And it may be coming to New York State, according to the State’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

Pros and Cons of DEC's New Study (VIDEO)

Southern Tier (WENY) - The latest environmental impact statement takes into account both environmental and economic impact. That’s a tough line to walk. Environmentalists say the protections don't go far enough. While business leaders are saying: enough already, lets get this thing moving.
George Miner, STEG President says, “Like I said were going to have to call our nieces and nephews our brothers and sisters and tell them to come home because there's lots of jobs.”