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Lamb on Fracking


22nd District Congressional Candidate Dan Lamb says if fracking isn't safe for all of New York State, it's not safe for this area.

Democrat Lamb was in Binghamton today where he outlined his stance on fracking. He says the statewide moratorium on fracking should remain in place. And, that comprehensive public health, environmental and economic impact studies should be done so people can see the true impact of drilling.

Lamb says the gas industry should go out of its way to prove that the process is safe. "Keep in mind that this is an industry that has resisted even disclosing the type of chemicals and their proportions that they use in the frack fluid that they want to pump into our ground. Give me a break. I believe it's dangerous, short-sighted and irresponsible to move forward without all the risk."

Lamb says that the man he is challenging, Republican incumbent Richard Hanna, has not worked to close loopholes in the drilling industry and has not worked to strengthen the federal government's study of the drilling technique.

Congressman Hanna says that he will only support fracking in New York if it is proven by science to be safe and would not put water supplies at risk. He says if it is done in the state, the process should be transparent and include regulations such as chemical disclosure.

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