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About Us

Homes and properties in communities across New York are located on or near toxic sites that can cause health hazards or reduce investment value.

Use Toxics Targeting's Free Map to search any neighborhood for more than 650,000 abandoned landfills, toxic dumps, leaking tanks and other government-reported contamination threats in the Empire State.

If you are buying a specific home or property, you can order a Toxics Targeting Phase I Environmental Database Report. We will walk you through your detailed report and answer your questions. See our sample commerical and residental reports.

Toxics Targeting obtains environmental data from local, state and federal government sources and updates our information on a continuing basis. We provide extensive archival data now withheld from public disclosure due to homeland security concerns.

More than 300,000 of the sites we track lack complete addresses or any addresses at all. We interactively map those hard-to-find locations using a proprietary digital map and by working with Phase I consultants in the field, cross-referencing databases and checking supplemental maps and information sources. As a result, our mapping accuracy is unmatched by national competitors.

In New York City and other selected communities, Toxics Targeting maps toxic sites on a lot-by-lot basis using a digital tax parcel coverage. Our reports in those areas include extensive real property data at no additional charge.