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Real Estate Hazards

Left in the Dark As Danger Lurks

In gas leaks, state often decides not to tell

The bulldozers working at the corner service station caught Jason Hill's eye on a hot August morning in 1995. So did the truck that said "New York State Department of Environmental Conservation" in green lettering on the doors.

For years, the Hills had wondered why their washing machine smelled faintly of gasoline, and why they would get headaches and feel dizzy whenever they took a shower. And they didn't understand why their allergist couldn't find the cause for 11-year-old Jeanine Hill's chronic sinus infection.

A No-Win Situation

In backyards Islandwide, the nightmare next door
Neighbor's buried oil tank threatens their lives, home.
Neighbor's buried oil tank elicits unfriendly feelings

THE BERGMANNS didn't strike oil; oil struck them -- and hasn't stopped.

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