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GIS Projects Slideshow - Grid View

MTBE Contamination
MTBE Groundwater Contamination
Petroleum Plume
Petroleum Plume and Soil Gas Vapor Concentrations
Petroleum Plume and Historic Aerial Photo
Leaking Gasoline Tanks & Spills in Queens, NY
Manufactured Gas Plant Plume
Manufactured Gas Plant Plume on Tax Parcel Coverage
Long Island Project
Segment Map
Preliminary Watershed Characterization
1/8-Mile Stream Buffer of Discharges
Lead Shotgun Pellets and Brass Shotgun Shell Casings
New York Times Coverage
Site Map Detail
Groundwater Monitoring Results
Source Removal
Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) in Ithaca, NY
Large-Scale Excavation
Trichloroethylene Pollution
Oil Contamination
Delineation of Recharge Zones
SWAP Zone Map
Section 1 Overview
Section 1 1-mile Buffer
Section 1 1/2-mile Buffer
Section 1 1/8-mile Buffer
Section 1 1/8-mile Buffer Close-Up
Section 1 Tax Parcel Map
Section 2 Overview
Section 2 1-mile Buffer
Section 2 1/2-mile Buffer
Section 2 1/8-mile Buffer
Section 1 1/8-mile Buffer Close-Up
Section 2 Tax Parcel Map
Picture #1
Picture #2
Picture #3
Picture #4
Picture #5