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Wahoo!!! Proposed Compressed Natural Gas "Virtual Pipeline" Project in Fenton, NY is Reportedly Dead/Another Giant Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Project Bites the Dust in New York


Wahoo!!! I am thrilled to alert Fractivists from near and far that the proposed compressed natural gas "virtual pipeline" project which we have battled for nearly a year in Fenton, NY is reportedly dead according to recent local news coverage.

See: NG Advantage abandons plans for Fenton natural gas compressor station

See all the hard work that went into our incredibly successful Campaign Involving a Proposed Compressed Natural Gas "Virtual Pipeline" in Fenton, NY

While this is not an absolutely done-deal until everything is fully resolved in writing, numerous news and industry sources report that the firm applying for authorization to build the compressed gas truck transfer facility requested that its permit fee be returned. I also communicated with attorneys involved with the matter. I will continue to monitor this unfolding event and keep you informed.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. AGAIN!

I want to thank Fractivists for all of their super-focused, highly sophisticated work in stopping this proposed $8.0 million facility which would have expanded New York's addiction to fossil fuels. The compressed gas operation would have threatened nearby schools, the Chenango River, churches and thousands of local residents. I commend all Fractivists for working so well together to win yet another monumental fossil fuel infrastructure victory in New York. Bravo!

Our Tried and True Campaign Model Has Now Played a Key Role in Killing Nearly $5.0 Billion in Proposed Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Projects

Our powerful campaign based on data research, policy advocacy, coalition building and media outreach has now played a key role in killing nearly $5.0 billion in proposed fossil fuel projects, including the Constitution, Northeast Energy Direct and Northern Access Pipelines, the expansion of the Arlington gas storage facility in Reading, NY and the virtual pipeline in Fenton, NY. That is a stellar record of achievement.

Require Governor Cuomo to Adopt a Statewide Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Approval Moratorium

Beat the bushes for more signatories to our Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo Adopt a Statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals

Click this link to write the Governor a personalized letter to drive home your fossil fuel infrastructure approval moratorium request.

Call Governor Cuomo at 518 474 8390 to request that he adopt a moratorium on all fossil fuel infrastructure project approvals. Promise to remember in November.

Proposed Compressed Natural Gas Truck Transport Facility Was an Alternative to Pipelines

When Jeff Platsky of The Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin first contacted me last May about the proposed Fenton facility, I had only heard about "virtual pipelines" that typically tap into large natural gas transmission pipelines and compress natural gas in large tanks that are transported on big trucks.

See: Virtual pipeline causes stir in Port Dickinson

At the infamous Town of Fenton meeting on May 23, 2017, authorities rode roughshod over citizen concerns, did not allow any meaningful discussion of the proposed project and swiftly approved the site plan. As a result, the project received authorization to proceed.

Pro-frackers were ecstatic. They thought they had finally won a major victory. They did not realize that the battle had just begun.

Our Quick Action Was Instrumental in Helping to Halt the Virtual Pipeline Project

My colleagues and I immediately got to work to halt the ill-considered project. First, Toxics Targeting compiled and reviewed the Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) own spill data. We documented that New York had failed to prevent or comprehensively clean up a wide variety of compressed gas calamities.

See: Documented Compressed Gas Fires, Spills and Toxic Discharges in New York State Involving Pipeline Incidents, Delivery Truck Accidents and Compressor Station Problems

Second, Toxics Targeting generated extensive media coverage by releasing our unprecedented data analysis.

Third, with your help we hammered Governor Cuomo to rescind key water quality approvals granted for the project without any state review.

Not a Perfect Alliance With Local Activists, But Political Coalitions Rarely Are

As I soon discovered, most local opponents to the proposed compressed gas facility simply did not like the site location. They did not oppose compressed natural gas truck transfer facilities, per se.

Our campaign helped local activists a great deal, but they did not support our request that Governor Cuomo adopt a moratorium on all fossil fuel infrastructure projects. It was not a perfect alliance by any means, but political coalitions rarely are.

Local residents certainly did their part by organizing opposition that was sustained and brutally hard-hitting. Litigation involving the local school district, a nearby church and citizens succeeded in sending the proposed project back for local review. This was a super lucky break because those legal challenges usually fail. Ultimately, the massive political fight caused local board members to resign and project approval was never granted for zoning and environmental review reasons.

Now that the proposed project is reportedly dead, opponents pretty much got what they wanted. At least for now.

Fractivists Must Remain Super Vigilant For Other Virtual Pipeline Proposals

In response to local media coverage, the project applicant reportedly issued this statement: "NG Advantage is still considering all options and we have no further announcement at this time."

There is speculation that the firm might seek approval for a compressed gas truck transfer facility at another location somewhere along the Millennium Pipeline.

That is why I urge Fractivsts in towns along the pipeline to keep watch for any local regulatory proceedings related to a "virtual pipeline" compressed gas truck transfer facility.

See: Map Of The Millennium Pipeline

Governor Cuomo Did Not Oppose Approval for The Proposed Fenton Facility Even Though It Would have Expanded New York's Addiction to Fossil Fuels

Our campaign repeatedly stoked the flames of fossil fuel infrastructure opposition by documenting environmental and public health concerns. As a result, Governor Cuomo got pounded for granting pro forma regulatory approval for the proposed project. Essentially, state authority for issuing stormwater permits had been delegated to local authorities.

I participated in one very important conference call last October with Executive Deputy DEC Commissioner, Ken Lynch, two high-level advisors to the Governor, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, citizens and their attorney.

The administration never fulfilled our request to meet in person or, so far as I know, rescind the critical stormwater approval even though the State Supreme Court required that the Town of Fenton environmental review be done over. That speaks volumes.

Keep Slugging/Promise to Remember in November

Given the enormous complexities of New York's fossil fuel battles, every day is a political eternity. If we aim to end our state's addiction to fossil fuels, we must continue killing proposed pipelines, gas storage facilities and other infrastructure projects while minimizing energy consumption. Fortunately, with each well-coordinated victory, our campaign grows stronger and more formidable through relentless hard work.

But our advocacy and organizing work has to continue or we can lose everything we gained. That is why I ask all Fractivists to:

Keep Beating the Bushes for our Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo Adopt a Statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals

Call Governor Cuomo at 518 474 8390 to request that he adopt a moratorium on all fossil fuel infrastructure project approvals. Promise to remember in November.

Click this link to write the Governor a personalized letter to drive home your fossil fuel infrastructure approval moratorium request.

Promise to remember in November.

Many Thanks to the Local News Media

Please join me in thanking all the local news media for reporting the Fenton virtual pipeline story so well. In particular WICZ, Fox 40 broke some stunningly important stories. Great job one and all. Congrats.


Our campaign is helping New Yorkers win environmental protection victories that are unprecedented in the nation. Many thanks to all Fractivists who support our impressively effective work. See campaign summary below.

I commend everyone for not giving up when events looked mighty grim. Way to fight back. Way to go hard.

More very shortly.

Onward and upward.