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Wahoooo!!! State Supreme Court Judge Halts Work on Proposed Port Dickinson "Virtual Pipeline" Compressed Gas Truck Transfer Facility

Greetings Fractvists,

A "Temporary Restraining Order" (TRO) was just issued for the "virtual pipeline" proposed in the Town of Fenton. All work at the job site has been halted. A "Show Cause" hearing will be held on July 18, 2017.

See: Chenango Valley Central School Dist. v Town of Fenton Planning Board and NG Advantage - Order To Show Cause And Temporary Restraining Order And Memorandum of Law

and Court puts temporary stop to Fenton natural gas station development

TROs are hard to come by. We must take full advantage of this important development. Pour it on!!!!

Call Governor Cuomo TODAY at 518 474 8390 to Kill The Proposed Port Dickinson "Virtual Pipeline" Compressed Gas Truck Transfer Facility.

Keep deluging him with calls. Tie his switchboard into the Gordian Knot.

Demand that the Governor: a) immediately stop the proposed compressed gas transfer project from being built or operated and b) withhold all state approvals for the proposed facility, including Petroleum Bulk Storage and Air Discharge permits or other requisite authorizations.

Tell Governor Cuomo that he is a climate change hypocrite if he fails to stop this massive natural gas project.

Become a signatory to our: Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo Adopt a Statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals

Write the Governor using our new personalized form letter.

Check out our hard-hitting media coverage:

This TV piece is especially noteworthy: Environmentalists Call on Governor Cuomo to Halt Fenton Natural Gas Compressor Station

Environmental firm opposes Town of Fenton natural gas compressor station

LAWSUIT: Fenton procedures flawed in transfer station approval

Virtual pipeline causes stir in Port Dickinson

Fenton Compressor Station News Conference pics

Check out our powerful new research findings:

See: Documented Compressed Gas Fires, Spills and Toxic Discharges in New York State Involving Pipeline Incidents, Delivery Truck Accidents and Compressor Station Problems

See: One-Mile Sensitive Receptor Map For Proposed Port Dickinson Natural Gas Compressor Station and Truck Distribution Facility

You can learn more about the proposed project at the firm's web site:

Thanks for all your help. Much more soon to come. Keep slugging. Go, go, go.

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