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Activist Takes Aim at Gel Propane Fracking


An anti-fracking activist says he will continue to pressure Governor Cuomo to explicitly ban another form of the drilling practice.

Walter Hang from Toxics Targeting is pointing to a communication from the state's Department of Environmental Conservation to Tioga Energy Partners. That group has proposed waterless fracking with gel propane. Cuomo has technically only banned high-volume hydraulic fracturing. Hang says he will pressure Cuomo to ban all forms of fracking.

"I think in the short run propane fracking is not happening. The question is whether or not it could be allowed to proceed without any kind of comprehensive environmental review. Activists are going to do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen," said Hang.

Hang says over 1,000 people have signed on to his letter to Cuomo asking him to ban all forms of fracking.