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Battle over Pipelines as State Certification Looms


One of the main opponents of fracking is now setting his sights on proposed pipeline projects in New York.

Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting has documented 114 spills in the state. That's data he says proves the state shouldn't grant what are called Section 401 water quality certifications that projects need to move forward in New York.

This includes the Constitution Pipeline. A spokesperson for that project says the pipeline company has worked with the Department of Environmental Conservation for the past three years to ensure the safety of the project.

"These have probably been granted on a wish and a prayer but now we're going to basically require the Governor to enforce the law and the law is very strict and very onerous," said Hang.

"There's thousands of miles of pipe in New York that operate reliably every single day. The National Transportation Safety Board says that pipelines are actually the safest and most efficient way to transport energy," said Christopher Stockton, Spokesperson for the Constitution Pipeline.

Stockton expects the state to make it's decision on granting the 401 certification soon. Hang says pipelines have caused water quality hazards that have never been cleaned up.