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Coalition Letter to Governor Cuomo to Withdraw RD SGEIS

November 2, 2011

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York
The State Capital
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, strongly support safeguarding the environment, public health, natural resources and scenic splendor of New York’s Catskills, Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions. With that goal in mind, we request that you immediately withdraw the Marcellus Shale revised draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (RD SGEIS) in order to resolve the fundamental shortcomings documented herein.

There is a de facto moratorium on horizontal hydrofracturing in New York’s Marcellus Shale pending adoption of a Final SGEIS. The Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) 2009 Draft SGEIS received such withering criticism that Governor Paterson signed Executive Order No. 41 requiring DEC to: “make such revisions to the Draft SGEIS that are necessary to analyze comprehensively the environmental impacts associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing combined with horizontal drilling, ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated …” On 1/1/11, you signed a “continuation” of that Order.

The RD SGEIS Must Be Withdrawn Due to DEC’s Failure to Fulfill Executive Order No. 41

DEC’s RD SGEIS fails to fulfill the mandate of Executive Order No. 41. First and foremost, it is based on the erroneous assertion that:

“No documented instances of groundwater contamination are recorded in the Department’s files from previous horizontal drilling or hydraulic fracturing projects in New York. No documented incidents of groundwater contamination in public water supply systems were reported by the NYSDOH central office and Rochester district office... References have been made to some reports of private well contamination in Chautauqua County in the 1980s that may be attributed to oil and gas drilling... The reported Chautauqua County incidents, the majority of which occurred in the 1980s and which pre-date the current casing and cementing practices and fresh water aquifer supplementary permit conditions, could not be substantiated because pre-drilling water quality testing was not conducted, improper tests were run which yielded inconclusive results and/or the incidents of alleged well contamination were not officially confirmed.”

This statement is factually incorrect and deliberately misleading. Hundreds of natural gas and oil drilling, hydrofracturing and related problems have reportedly impacted private water wells, homes and the environment in New York. Those problems are documented by DEC as well as health authorities in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Allegany counties.

Ferrugia’s “Well Documented” Drinking Water Problem “Seemingly Related to Gas Well Development”

For example, DEC is well aware that the Ferrugia family near Jamestown, NY has not been able to drink their well water since 2007 after a gas well was drilled approximately 300 feet from their home. Their water is so polluted that their veterinarian even warned them not to allow their dogs to drink the water. Chautauqua County Health authorities determined: “This is a well documented case showing drinking water impacts that are seemingly related to gas well development.” Yet, DEC has refused to assist this family.

The Ferrugia’s problem directly refutes the RD SGEIS assertions about gas drilling incidents in Chautauqua County because it: a) occurred relatively recently and is on-going; b) was not prevented by DEC regulatory safeguards or gas well drilling and production improvements; c) is documented by pre-drilling and post-drilling drinking water baseline testing and d) was confirmed by local health officials.

See an interview with Mr. David Ferrugia and extensive documents regarding his water well problem at: and

Dave Eddy’s Confirmed Drinking Water Contamination in Andover, NY

The Ferrugias are not the only New Yorkers who reportedly were impacted by inadequate regulation of gas drilling. Mr. Dave Eddy and his family experienced drinking water contamination and gas intrusion into their home, reportedly due to hydrofracturing of nearby gas wells. His water pollution was confirmed by the gas drilling firm. See: and

Recently Reported Natural Gas and Oil Spills Further Document DEC’s Regulatory Shortcomings

DEC's hazardous materials spills database identifies hundreds of on-going failures to clean up oil and gas drilling pollution impacts, including at least 72 recently reported natural gas and oil concerns. See: These problems further document DEC’s regulatory enforcement shortcomings. For example:



POYSA WELL #E1 - 61 BRIGGS HILL ROAD VAN ETTEN, NY, 4/8/2011: EQUIPMENT FAILURE – BRINE – 693 gallons. “Valve on brine tank at closed-in well froze and cracked allowing a release of 16.5 barrels of fairly fresh brine.” Meets Cleanup Standards: NO.


TUSCARORA BRINE APPLICATION – TOWN OF TUSCARORA DIRT ROADS TUSCARORA, NY, 6/21/2010: DELIBERATE – BRINE. “Caller states Town is using brine from gas wells to control dust on dirt roads and are applying it way too heavy causing runoff to ditches and streams. Also concerned about his well and what might be in the brine.” Meets Cleanup Standards: NO.

A total of more than 400 historic natural gas and oil concerns are documented by DEC and local health authorities. These concerns refute DEC’s assertion that gas extraction problems do not exist: and

At Least 16 Additional Reasons Why the RD SGEIS Must be Immediately Withdrawn

In addition to the regulatory enforcement problems noted above, the RD SGEIS must be immediately withdrawn and sent back to the drawing board because it does not resolve key concerns voiced by Region 2 of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), academic researchers, citizens and local officials. It fails to:

1. Afford equal health protection to all New Yorkers living above the Marcellus Shale formation. The RD SGEIS proposes to ban Marcellus Shale horizontal hydrofracturing in the New York City and Syracuse watersheds and above State Lands and primary aquifers (at least temporarily). If horizontal hydrofracturing is not allowed in those areas, it cannot be considered “safe” for other areas of New York.

2. Resolve mortgage lending problems associated with gas leasing. The RD SGEIS ignores gas leasing impacts on mortgage lending documented by lenders, including lender reluctance to secure mortgage loans with properties with gas leases; concerns about property valuation and marketability; "set-back" issues regarding the sale of mortgage loans on the "secondary" market and potential voiding of title insurance. See:

3. Assess horizontal hydrofracturing conducted at the same well pad in both Marcellus Shale and underlying Utica Shale. The RD SGEIS does not address this potential practice, but EPA views it as a matter of grave concern. See:

4. Ban gas drilling wastewaters from being discharged into Publicly Owned Treatment Works designed for sanitary waste or adopt strict pretreatment standards. POTWs are not designed, constructed or maintained to remove or break down the high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), toxic petroleum constituents and radionuclides documented in gas drilling wastewater. EPA reports that shale gas extraction wastewater contaminants may "'pass through' the POTW, causing the POTW to violate its permit, cause 'interference' with the POTW's operation, or contamination of biosolids..." Pennysylvania has banned this practice. EPA has just begun the process of adopting national pretreatment standards for gas drilling wastewaters. See:

5. Ban toxic gas drilling wastewater from being recycled as hydrofracturing or drilling fluid. Gas drilling wastewaters, including "flowback" as well as "brine" or "produced water," are currently exempted from “GA” effluent limitations designed to safeguard drinking water drawn from the ground in New York. The RD SGEIS fails to eliminate this exemption even though gas drilling wastewater is documented to contain up to 413,000 parts per million of TDS, 72,600 parts per billion of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the diesel range as well as benzene up to 660 parts per billion. Those pollutant concentrations would vastly exceed applicable GA effluent limitations. For example, benzene is only allowed at one part per billion in permitted groundwater discharges.

6. Ban land-spreading of toxic gas drilling wastewaters. DEC allows gas drilling brine to be spread on land for dust control, roadbed stabilization and melting ice and snow. EPA recommended: "A program must be implemented to properly manage the elevated radionuclide concentrations in the brine to protect the worker health, public health, and the environment." The practice of gas drilling wastewater spreading must be halted.

7. Resolve inadequate DEC staffing problems. The infamous memo that caused DEC Commissioner Grannis to be fired noted: "Many of our programs are hanging by a thread. The public would be shocked to learn how thin we are in many areas;" The memo further noted: "While the risks to human health have already increased due to cuts to certain environmental quality programs, and especially to enforcement activities related to pollution sources, further cuts would result in unacceptable risks to New Yorkers and unacceptable liability for New York State government (emphasis added)." Governor Cuomo cut DEC’s budget in 2011. See:

8. Identify New York areas prone to higher seismic activity and propose measures to prevent earthquakes potentially associated with horizontal hydrofracturing. EPA reported that: "The dSGEIS notes that the State of New York is fairly active seismically. EPA recommends that NYSDEC limit the number of wells in areas of higher seismic activity, or require additional protective measures and monitoring." See:

9. Adopt comprehensive radionuclide standards to safeguard gas drilling workers, public health and the environment. EPA notes that "radionuclide concentrations specified in the DSGEIS represent elevated radionuclide concentrations and need to be handled, managed, and disposed of appropriately to avoid unnecessary exposure to workers, the public, and the environment." EPA also determined that "such concentrations are considered elevated and may pose unacceptable human health risk mainly via external exposure, inhalation of radon and thoron decay products, and to some degree via inadvertent ingestion."

10. Resolve EPA concerns about inadequate protection of Ecosystems and Wildlife. EPA reported: "This section [7.4] is incomplete, and does not account for the changes in the ecosystems in New York State since the preparation of the 1992 GEIS. For example, more animals and plants are on federal and state endangered species lists, habitats of all kinds are more fragmented, invasive species have impacted existing animal and plant populations, and climate change has impacted plant and animal ranges and migrations.”

11. Assess "cumulative impacts" on a comprehensive basis. EPA notes that it is "concerned that cumulative and indirect impacts need to be more thoroughly discussed in the dSGEIS. Even with its generic format, the EIS should discuss the impacts that may result from past, present, and reasonably foreseeable future projects as well as those impacts associated with drilling and hydrofracturing that may occur later in time and/or further from the immediate project site."

12. Update the 1992 GEIS. EPA notes that it is "concerned that over the past 17 years since the 1992 GElS was written, the 'existing' environment and conditions in New York State have changed sufficiently that using the information from that report as a baseline for the dSGEIS will not take into account the cumulative impacts from habitat fragmentation, population increase, and climate change that may have occurred during that time."

13. Require compliance with a critical EPA policy change regarding air quality assessment. Shortly after the draft SGEIS was released on 9/30/09, EPA adopted a major new policy regarding New Source Review (NSR) and Title V permitting programs pursuant to the Clean Air Act. This reversed the EPA policy in effect when the draft SGEIS was prepared. The new policy changes the requirements for "source aggregation" for air permitting programs. According to a DEC Powerpoint slide: "Since level of aggregation must be case by case, SGEIS cannot provide definitive answers (emphasis added)." See: and

14. Eliminate DEC’s current hazardous waste regulatory exemption for gas drilling wastes and impose strict liability for cleaning up gas drilling pollution hazards.

15. Require the New York State Department of Health to share co-lead agency status with DEC and assess health impacts on a comprehensive basis.

16. Require immediate disclosure of uncontrolled gas drilling pollution releases, establish a dedicated fund to remediate gas drilling hazards and require gas drilling firms to provide financial surety for remediating problems by posting bonds or providing insurance coverage.


The RD SGEIS fails to provide a meaningful plan to safeguard New York from the irreparable harm that could be caused by the vast industrialization associated with Marcellus Shale horizontal hydrofracturing. Unless and until DEC resolves its regulatory enforcement problems and addresses the additional concerns documented herein, New York’s de facto moratorium on horizontal hydrofracturing in Marcellus Shale must not be lifted.

We trust that you will find our request self-explanatory. Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to your prompt reply.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 22949

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medina, ny
John Maroney
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529 lopax road q-22
harrisburg, pennsylvania
Patty Darcey-Walsh
6350 Woodland Dr.
Conesus, New York (NY)
john eppolito m.d.
2949 rt 370
cato, ny
Michael Attard
20 Ridgefield Road
Centerport, NY
Andrew Lear
262 Prospect Pl.
Brooklyn, NY
Patrick Bayer
1089 Lester Rd
Montrose, PA
Nicholas Alba
982 Woodland Valley Road
Phoenicia, NY
Mike Longo
Brooklyn, NY
elaine jurumbo
205 e 78 st apt 6s
new york, ny
Sue Scott-Escudero
1232 Terry Rd.
Ronkonkoma, NY
Beth Meredith
525 springs Fireplace Rd
East Hampton, Ny
Elba Galvan
Willowbrook Rd.
Surprise, New York
Michael Rose
West 54th Street
New York, NY
Judith Greene
210 W. 101 st.
New YOrk, NY
christine trotter
7 West 12 St
Matthew Burton
655 Old Seneca Turnpike
Skaneateles, N.Y.
Joan Lyons
176 Rutgers Street
Rochester, NY
Karen Greenspan
114 Liberty St.
New York, NY
mary ryan
212 east 78 street
new york, ny
Eileen Kline
609 Monroe Road
Delhi, NY
Nikki Torchia
3503 New St., P O Box 530
Valatie, NY
Ann Agranoff
3449 79th St. Apt. 41
Jackson Heights, NY
Eileen Strazza
200 Western Ave.
Albany, NY
sarah benesch
130 8th avenue
brooklyn, ny
Aziz Chowdhury
27 Cochrane St
Buffalo, NY
Will Craig
558 W. 173rd St.
New York, NY
Lynn Fordin
131 Montgomery Street
Rhinebeck, New York
Richard Aguilo
3478 homestead ave
Wantag, New York
Caroline Beasley-Baker
135 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
W. Allen Wrede
36-11 28th Ave., Apt. #25
Astoria, New York
Joan Giewat
449 Cottekill Rd
Stone Ridge, NY
Lilian Haidar
52 Macdougal street 4c
New York, NY
Mark Metzger
1 Willow Bend
Poughkeepsie, NY
Darya Vaillancouret
5019 Tonawanda Creek Rd.
North Tonawanda, NY
Hertha L. Poje
565 West End Ave. (8-A)
New York, New York
Kate Kooperman
86 Ellery St
Cambridge, MA
Carol Marsh
420 12th St
Brooklyn, NY
Theresa Hasey
314 Burnt Hill Road
North Blenheim, New York
Rachelle Bornstein
505 E 13th St #A1
NYC, New York
James Tate
345 Webster Ave Apt 4B
Brooklyn, New York
Jenyffer Ruiz
86-35 Queens Blvd
Elmhurst, NY
Carole Torok
7278 Lakeview Drive
Ava, NY
Tim Kelley
PO Box 205
Treadwell, NY
Patricia Di Lorenzo
703 Park Ave
Binghamton, NY
Debra Murphy
159 Bentley Rd.
Hudson Falls , New York
Robert Moeller
579 Glen St
Glens Falls, NY
Laura Rakoczy
PO Box 729
Canandaigua, NY
joanne owens
8 linden blvd
hicksville, new york
Leah Shafer
PO Box 171
Trumansburg, NY
Russell Hudson
Glenvue Drive
Carmel, NY
Lorraine Gudas
431 E. 85 St.
New York, New York
Taylor Kirk
51 Sunrise Ave
Katonah, NY
Timothy Feeney
119 Yaple Road
Berkshire, NY
Elizabeth Dreyfuss
100 E. Genesee Street
Skaneateles, New York
Raisa Lardie
350 Hofstra University
Hempstead, New York
Brendan Mann
29 Babylon Tpke.
Merrick, NY
David Broer-LeRoux
22 N Allen St #2
Jon Bocksel
706 Nostrand ave
Brooklyn, NY
Michael Herstand
87 summit st, #4
Brooklyn, New York
Elizabeth Bryant
687 Budds Corners Road
Red Hook, New York
Sharon Gary
24 Prince St
New York, NY
Wendy Baur
14 Meadow Road
New Paltz, NY
Lisa Ostashever
159 Longview Ave.
White Plains, NY
Marcus White
9 White St
Brooklyn, NY
John Spear
17 Laine Ct.
Apalachin, NY
Nerissa Tackett
330 North Midland Ave
Nyack, New York
Crystal Torres
929 71ST ST APT D4
Brooklyn, NY
Claire Olson
265 McNaaughton St.
Rochester, NY
Sean Berrie
4714 new utrecht ave
brooklyn, ny
Raymond Budryk
13 Montfort Woods Rd
Wappingers Falls, NY
Alan Newman
68 Sutton Pt
Pittsford, NY
Kristen Leonard
294 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY
Bridget Hegarty
Ithaca, NY
Katherine clark
262 st james place
Brooklyn , ny
karim amatullah
200 rector place
ny, ny
Richard DeNeale
3221 Essex Road
Willsboro, New York
Linda Cuminale
173 Spring Street
Saratoga Springs, NY
Amanda Bonavita
89 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY
dawn sieck
3227 state highway 51
morris, new york
Susan McCauley
101 W 80 St
New York, New York
Roni Kramer
1279 California Road
Eastchester, New York
michael leete
53-31 skillman ave
woodside, New York
Zoe Morsette
45-30 Court Square Apt. 7
Long Island City, NY
Al Icilensu
77-34 Austin Street, 6-E
Forest Hills, NY
Jonathan Goodman
3015 Riverdale Avenue, Apartment 5A
Bronx, New York
Gorton Carruth
380 Hardscrabble Rd
Briarcliff Manor, New York
Curt Bohlen
176 Northfield Ave.
Dobbs Ferry, ny
Christopher Woods
390 36th Ave
Santa Cruz, CA
Shannon Polizzi
Miller Rd.
West Sparta, NY
Dennis P. Rooney
lot 22 Green rd.
Amenia, N.y.
faith houston
hargrave street
morris, new york
Deborah Clark
1 Cove Lane
Fayetteville, NY
Nancy Balaban
50 Circle Drive
Hastings on Hudson, New York
Kathleen Maniaci
210 East Warrington Road
Syracuse, NY
Tamar Schwartz
25-79 31st Street
Astoria, NY
Steven Goldberg
62-45 Alderton Street
Rego Park, NY
Diane Guernsey
28 Albert Place
New Rochelle, NY
Bonnie S.
Binghamton, NY
Olivia Bregani
18 S. Main Street
Alfred, NY
Alyssa Foos
682 Britton Rd.
Rochester, NY
Susan Damato
222 Smith Hall
Syracuse, NY
Ann Merley
401 Antlers Dr.
Rochester, NY
Avik Mohan
961 Bergen St, Apt 4A
Brooklyn, NY
Timothy Marek
200 East 84th Street Apt 16E
New York, NY
Kevin Yamaguchi
32 Briar Brook Lane
Campbell Hall, NY
Gail Boorstein
154 Lackawack Hill Rd.
Napanoch, NY
Gillian McManus`
First Ave.
New York City, NY
Jean Tait
484 West 43rd St. #2B
New York, NY
Donald Walters
839 Partridge Lane
Webster, New York
Ina Claire Gabler
18 N. Randolph Ave
Poughkeepsie, New York
Frederick Nanton
9 Columbus Place # 2
Brooklyn, New York
Karen Mines
121 Grog Kill Road
Willow, NY
maryiln roveland
12 main street
morris, new york
Diana Kupris-Mettler
761 Knapp Road
Sherburne, NY
Margot Niederland
27 Ludlow St. #5
Eleanor Fox
406 E. 80th St.
New York, NY
Alan Rosner
861 Pacific St
Brooklyn, NY
Joy Episalla
244 East 5th Street
New York, NY
elizabeth dworkin
125 rivington st. #4
new york, ny
fredi lessac
310 West 106 Street
NY, ny
Alexis Roth
4630 center blvd apt 1011
Long island city, Ny
Anita Gehrke
17 Clove Valley Rd.
High Falls, New York
Susan Kurtz, MSW
Marrowback Road
Conesus, NY
Janice Wilson
1808 State Route 104
Parish, New York
Elizabeth Matthews
3369 Elm Road
Geneseo, NY
Manuel Suarez
211-16 69th Ave
Oakland Gardens, NY
Sarah Catalino
5440 West Lake Rd
conesus, ny
Mark Cudney
9468 Bronson Hill Rd.
Wayland, NY
Marion Fennell
250 N. Main St
Spring Valley, NY
Maria Conforti
68-19 Burns St., #B4
Forest Hills, NY
Fred Silver, BA,MS, DDS
41 South Dr.
Amherst, NY
Janice Bocchicchio
80 Adams Avenue
Staten Island, New York
Julia Wilson
269 Union St.
Brooklyn, NY
Judy Weinstein
150 West End Ave 29F
New York, NY
Stanley Becker
370 West Broadway, Apt 3C
Long Beach, NY
Claudia Lifton-Schwerner
133 Highmount Ave
Nyack, NY
Lawrence Seltzer
17415 73rd Ave.
Fresh Meadows, NY
lois jones
125 pegg road
morris, new york
Peter Harold Soderman
389 Beckwith Road
McDonough, New York
Aimee taylor
po box 734
saratoga springs, ny
stephen perkins
1317 echo rd
vestal, NY
Judi Bachrach
49 Cricket Ridge
Bearsville, NY
Jessica Edwards
165 Meserole Street, apt 8
Brooklyn, NY
Edward Carey
150-33 20th Road
Whitestone, NY
Paul9ine Kravath
166 West 76 Street
New York, New York
Jason Schulman
55 Park Terrace East Apt. B10
New York, NY
Robert Pliskin
94 Woodcrest Ave.
White Plains, NY
Kathryn Miller
286 Cooper Lake Rd
Bearsville , NY
Stephanie Ellis
7 Keller Lane
Tillson, NY
Aaron Majcher
226 E 2nd Street
New York, NY - New York
Margaret Weiss
275 DeGraw Street
Brooklyn, NY
Beyvan Schantz
5739 Route 22
Millerton, NY
Simone Harris
13 Stanton Street
New York, NY
Caroline Boucher
Level Green Rd
Caroline, NY
Kimberly Flynn
PO Box 20542
New York, NY
Jamie Kitman
236 Piermont Avenue
Piermont, NY
Michelle Ognjanovic
7 west 104 street
New York, NY
Bernard Lewkowicz
328 Marcott road
Cottekill, New York
Kikki Short
40 Quintard Dr
Port Chester, NY
Caroline Haddad
3275 Iroquois Road
Caledonia, NY
Alexandra Self
125 East 84th Street
New York, NY
andrea guerriero
p o box 145
morris, newyork
Gianni Faedda
245 E 50 St 2B
New York, NY
william wurtz
513 grand street
new york, new york
William Wachob
79 Gresham Drive
Eggertsville, NY
Dennis Horodyski
61 Washington Ave
Holtsville, NY
Marilyn Silver
150 East 93 St. - Apt. 9E
New York, NY
Lisa karson
429 Greenwich St
New York, NY
Laura Albert
125 Fire Island Avenue Apt. A
Babylon, NY
donivan michael
38 main street
livonia, NY
Asher Pacht
20 Wilson Street, Apt. #2
Beacon, NY
Thea Clair
4362 east Covert Rd
Interlaken, NY
Carolyn Summers
63 Ferndale Drive
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Marlena Lange
23 Royce Avenue
Middletown, New York
Paul Petruccelli
24 Albright Rd.
Coram, NY
Francine & Andre Anders
47 Ward Street
Floral Park, New York
janet shadle
2150 East Lake Road
skaneateles, NY
Liana Wingenbach
229 Bedford Ave.
Buffalo, NY
Jonathan Jaffe
403 S. Aurora St.
Ithaca, NY
Jon Pope
249 Prospect Pl Apt 1R
Brroklyn, NY
Nancy Smith
380 Main rd
Akron, NY
Caroline Redington
2943 Rte 394
Ashville, NY
Steven Sachs
50-18 245th Street
Douglaston, NY
Sheila White
683 10th St.
Brooklyn, NY
margaret scripp
3100 syler rd
varysburg, NY
cynthia meyer
70 Battery pl apt 504
New York, NY
tanja israël
67 Deerhaven Road
mahwah, nj
Shawn LaVallee
400 1/2 N. Spaulding Ave
Los Angeles, California
Renee Toback
54Fairfield Road
Yonkers, Ny
Donald Panella
3441 32nd Street, APT 2
Astoria, NY
Maria Blon
5 Earle Street
Middletown, NY
Marian Vargas
1521 Ocean Ave Apt 7C
Brooklyn, NY
kenny durish
65 hampton ave
mastic, new york
Kristin Hocker
2014 Factory Hollow Road Apt 2
Lima, NY
Marcia Robinson
3 Peter Cooper Road
New York, New York
Edward Lieberman
114 Cedar Hill Road
Bedford, NY
Lindal Rosenberg
890 WEA
New York, New York
Laurie Sholinsky
112 Teatown Road
Croton-on-Hudson, NY
robert olszewski
2224 george urban
depew, ny
Phyllis Korn
71 Hillary Lane
Penfield, NY
Neil DeRisi
220 East Suffolk Avenue
Central Islip, NY
Alec Cuccia
311 Greenwich St. Apt. 2G
New York, NY
Kelly Giles
55 West 116th St.
New York, NY
Julie Schwartz
4 Brian Lane
Chestnut Ridge, NY
Terry Sullivan
230 Garth Rd.
Scarsadle, NY
Nicole B
247 Nassau Blvd
Susan Linich
127 Van Wagner Rd.
Poughkeepsie, NY
marilyn armstrong
188 amity street
brooklyn, ny
Cecilia Castelino
664 West 163 St #57
New York, NY
Allison Hollihan
119 Chrystie Street
New Yori, New York
Merideth Genin
543 East 6th Street
New York, New York
Ronne Kaufman
99 Casper Ct
Port Chester, NY
jorge gonzalez
1781 riverside drive
new york, ny
Jo Clayson
842 Phillip Road
Fort Plain, NY
Chuck Fishman
9 Glenmere Rd.
New City, NY
Elizabeth Davidson
75 Faulkner Road
Hancock, New York (NY)
Lee Greenblat
300 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, NY
Jeannie Nutting
Dugway Rd
Conesus, NY
Susan Gregg
195 West Mohican Trail
Glen Spey, Ny
Graham Tabor
130 9th Ave
New York, NY
erin sullivan
23 waverly pl #4i
New York, NY
Daria Whisnant
PO Box 369
Sag Harbor, New York
robert laurentz
9 yardley Green
Ithaca,, NY
tatiana nuzhnykh
larchwood lane
laurens, newyork
marina kelly
8 betterfield ct
greenlawn, NY
Katherine White
11476 Eaton Road
Perrysburg, NY
Donna Swensen
4601 Henry Hudson Parkway #B5
Bronx, NY
Jaimie Voorhees
8478 Main Street
Interlaken, NY
Wallace Elton
36 Curt Blvd
Saratoga Springs, NY
Andrew Rogers
198 25th street
Troy, New York
Molly Glesmann
9732 Starr Hill Rd
Remsen, NY
Wayne Knapp
74 W. 92nd St.
New York, New York
Erica Naylor
25 Washington St
Trumansburg, NY
Erik den Breejen
220 Roebling St. #10
Brooklyn, NY
Lauren Slowik
137 Ainslie Street
Brooklyn, NY