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Coalition Letter to Governor Cuomo to Withdraw RD SGEIS

November 2, 2011

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York
The State Capital
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, strongly support safeguarding the environment, public health, natural resources and scenic splendor of New York’s Catskills, Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions. With that goal in mind, we request that you immediately withdraw the Marcellus Shale revised draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (RD SGEIS) in order to resolve the fundamental shortcomings documented herein.

There is a de facto moratorium on horizontal hydrofracturing in New York’s Marcellus Shale pending adoption of a Final SGEIS. The Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) 2009 Draft SGEIS received such withering criticism that Governor Paterson signed Executive Order No. 41 requiring DEC to: “make such revisions to the Draft SGEIS that are necessary to analyze comprehensively the environmental impacts associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing combined with horizontal drilling, ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated …” On 1/1/11, you signed a “continuation” of that Order.

The RD SGEIS Must Be Withdrawn Due to DEC’s Failure to Fulfill Executive Order No. 41

DEC’s RD SGEIS fails to fulfill the mandate of Executive Order No. 41. First and foremost, it is based on the erroneous assertion that:

“No documented instances of groundwater contamination are recorded in the Department’s files from previous horizontal drilling or hydraulic fracturing projects in New York. No documented incidents of groundwater contamination in public water supply systems were reported by the NYSDOH central office and Rochester district office... References have been made to some reports of private well contamination in Chautauqua County in the 1980s that may be attributed to oil and gas drilling... The reported Chautauqua County incidents, the majority of which occurred in the 1980s and which pre-date the current casing and cementing practices and fresh water aquifer supplementary permit conditions, could not be substantiated because pre-drilling water quality testing was not conducted, improper tests were run which yielded inconclusive results and/or the incidents of alleged well contamination were not officially confirmed.”

This statement is factually incorrect and deliberately misleading. Hundreds of natural gas and oil drilling, hydrofracturing and related problems have reportedly impacted private water wells, homes and the environment in New York. Those problems are documented by DEC as well as health authorities in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Allegany counties.

Ferrugia’s “Well Documented” Drinking Water Problem “Seemingly Related to Gas Well Development”

For example, DEC is well aware that the Ferrugia family near Jamestown, NY has not been able to drink their well water since 2007 after a gas well was drilled approximately 300 feet from their home. Their water is so polluted that their veterinarian even warned them not to allow their dogs to drink the water. Chautauqua County Health authorities determined: “This is a well documented case showing drinking water impacts that are seemingly related to gas well development.” Yet, DEC has refused to assist this family.

The Ferrugia’s problem directly refutes the RD SGEIS assertions about gas drilling incidents in Chautauqua County because it: a) occurred relatively recently and is on-going; b) was not prevented by DEC regulatory safeguards or gas well drilling and production improvements; c) is documented by pre-drilling and post-drilling drinking water baseline testing and d) was confirmed by local health officials.

See an interview with Mr. David Ferrugia and extensive documents regarding his water well problem at: and

Dave Eddy’s Confirmed Drinking Water Contamination in Andover, NY

The Ferrugias are not the only New Yorkers who reportedly were impacted by inadequate regulation of gas drilling. Mr. Dave Eddy and his family experienced drinking water contamination and gas intrusion into their home, reportedly due to hydrofracturing of nearby gas wells. His water pollution was confirmed by the gas drilling firm. See: and

Recently Reported Natural Gas and Oil Spills Further Document DEC’s Regulatory Shortcomings

DEC's hazardous materials spills database identifies hundreds of on-going failures to clean up oil and gas drilling pollution impacts, including at least 72 recently reported natural gas and oil concerns. See: These problems further document DEC’s regulatory enforcement shortcomings. For example:



POYSA WELL #E1 - 61 BRIGGS HILL ROAD VAN ETTEN, NY, 4/8/2011: EQUIPMENT FAILURE – BRINE – 693 gallons. “Valve on brine tank at closed-in well froze and cracked allowing a release of 16.5 barrels of fairly fresh brine.” Meets Cleanup Standards: NO.


TUSCARORA BRINE APPLICATION – TOWN OF TUSCARORA DIRT ROADS TUSCARORA, NY, 6/21/2010: DELIBERATE – BRINE. “Caller states Town is using brine from gas wells to control dust on dirt roads and are applying it way too heavy causing runoff to ditches and streams. Also concerned about his well and what might be in the brine.” Meets Cleanup Standards: NO.

A total of more than 400 historic natural gas and oil concerns are documented by DEC and local health authorities. These concerns refute DEC’s assertion that gas extraction problems do not exist: and

At Least 16 Additional Reasons Why the RD SGEIS Must be Immediately Withdrawn

In addition to the regulatory enforcement problems noted above, the RD SGEIS must be immediately withdrawn and sent back to the drawing board because it does not resolve key concerns voiced by Region 2 of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), academic researchers, citizens and local officials. It fails to:

1. Afford equal health protection to all New Yorkers living above the Marcellus Shale formation. The RD SGEIS proposes to ban Marcellus Shale horizontal hydrofracturing in the New York City and Syracuse watersheds and above State Lands and primary aquifers (at least temporarily). If horizontal hydrofracturing is not allowed in those areas, it cannot be considered “safe” for other areas of New York.

2. Resolve mortgage lending problems associated with gas leasing. The RD SGEIS ignores gas leasing impacts on mortgage lending documented by lenders, including lender reluctance to secure mortgage loans with properties with gas leases; concerns about property valuation and marketability; "set-back" issues regarding the sale of mortgage loans on the "secondary" market and potential voiding of title insurance. See:

3. Assess horizontal hydrofracturing conducted at the same well pad in both Marcellus Shale and underlying Utica Shale. The RD SGEIS does not address this potential practice, but EPA views it as a matter of grave concern. See:

4. Ban gas drilling wastewaters from being discharged into Publicly Owned Treatment Works designed for sanitary waste or adopt strict pretreatment standards. POTWs are not designed, constructed or maintained to remove or break down the high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), toxic petroleum constituents and radionuclides documented in gas drilling wastewater. EPA reports that shale gas extraction wastewater contaminants may "'pass through' the POTW, causing the POTW to violate its permit, cause 'interference' with the POTW's operation, or contamination of biosolids..." Pennysylvania has banned this practice. EPA has just begun the process of adopting national pretreatment standards for gas drilling wastewaters. See:

5. Ban toxic gas drilling wastewater from being recycled as hydrofracturing or drilling fluid. Gas drilling wastewaters, including "flowback" as well as "brine" or "produced water," are currently exempted from “GA” effluent limitations designed to safeguard drinking water drawn from the ground in New York. The RD SGEIS fails to eliminate this exemption even though gas drilling wastewater is documented to contain up to 413,000 parts per million of TDS, 72,600 parts per billion of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the diesel range as well as benzene up to 660 parts per billion. Those pollutant concentrations would vastly exceed applicable GA effluent limitations. For example, benzene is only allowed at one part per billion in permitted groundwater discharges.

6. Ban land-spreading of toxic gas drilling wastewaters. DEC allows gas drilling brine to be spread on land for dust control, roadbed stabilization and melting ice and snow. EPA recommended: "A program must be implemented to properly manage the elevated radionuclide concentrations in the brine to protect the worker health, public health, and the environment." The practice of gas drilling wastewater spreading must be halted.

7. Resolve inadequate DEC staffing problems. The infamous memo that caused DEC Commissioner Grannis to be fired noted: "Many of our programs are hanging by a thread. The public would be shocked to learn how thin we are in many areas;" The memo further noted: "While the risks to human health have already increased due to cuts to certain environmental quality programs, and especially to enforcement activities related to pollution sources, further cuts would result in unacceptable risks to New Yorkers and unacceptable liability for New York State government (emphasis added)." Governor Cuomo cut DEC’s budget in 2011. See:

8. Identify New York areas prone to higher seismic activity and propose measures to prevent earthquakes potentially associated with horizontal hydrofracturing. EPA reported that: "The dSGEIS notes that the State of New York is fairly active seismically. EPA recommends that NYSDEC limit the number of wells in areas of higher seismic activity, or require additional protective measures and monitoring." See:

9. Adopt comprehensive radionuclide standards to safeguard gas drilling workers, public health and the environment. EPA notes that "radionuclide concentrations specified in the DSGEIS represent elevated radionuclide concentrations and need to be handled, managed, and disposed of appropriately to avoid unnecessary exposure to workers, the public, and the environment." EPA also determined that "such concentrations are considered elevated and may pose unacceptable human health risk mainly via external exposure, inhalation of radon and thoron decay products, and to some degree via inadvertent ingestion."

10. Resolve EPA concerns about inadequate protection of Ecosystems and Wildlife. EPA reported: "This section [7.4] is incomplete, and does not account for the changes in the ecosystems in New York State since the preparation of the 1992 GEIS. For example, more animals and plants are on federal and state endangered species lists, habitats of all kinds are more fragmented, invasive species have impacted existing animal and plant populations, and climate change has impacted plant and animal ranges and migrations.”

11. Assess "cumulative impacts" on a comprehensive basis. EPA notes that it is "concerned that cumulative and indirect impacts need to be more thoroughly discussed in the dSGEIS. Even with its generic format, the EIS should discuss the impacts that may result from past, present, and reasonably foreseeable future projects as well as those impacts associated with drilling and hydrofracturing that may occur later in time and/or further from the immediate project site."

12. Update the 1992 GEIS. EPA notes that it is "concerned that over the past 17 years since the 1992 GElS was written, the 'existing' environment and conditions in New York State have changed sufficiently that using the information from that report as a baseline for the dSGEIS will not take into account the cumulative impacts from habitat fragmentation, population increase, and climate change that may have occurred during that time."

13. Require compliance with a critical EPA policy change regarding air quality assessment. Shortly after the draft SGEIS was released on 9/30/09, EPA adopted a major new policy regarding New Source Review (NSR) and Title V permitting programs pursuant to the Clean Air Act. This reversed the EPA policy in effect when the draft SGEIS was prepared. The new policy changes the requirements for "source aggregation" for air permitting programs. According to a DEC Powerpoint slide: "Since level of aggregation must be case by case, SGEIS cannot provide definitive answers (emphasis added)." See: and

14. Eliminate DEC’s current hazardous waste regulatory exemption for gas drilling wastes and impose strict liability for cleaning up gas drilling pollution hazards.

15. Require the New York State Department of Health to share co-lead agency status with DEC and assess health impacts on a comprehensive basis.

16. Require immediate disclosure of uncontrolled gas drilling pollution releases, establish a dedicated fund to remediate gas drilling hazards and require gas drilling firms to provide financial surety for remediating problems by posting bonds or providing insurance coverage.


The RD SGEIS fails to provide a meaningful plan to safeguard New York from the irreparable harm that could be caused by the vast industrialization associated with Marcellus Shale horizontal hydrofracturing. Unless and until DEC resolves its regulatory enforcement problems and addresses the additional concerns documented herein, New York’s de facto moratorium on horizontal hydrofracturing in Marcellus Shale must not be lifted.

We trust that you will find our request self-explanatory. Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to your prompt reply.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 22949

Glenn Curtis
8200 French Hill Rd
Naples, NY
Louis Linder
21 Pine Rd
Briarcliff Manor, NY
Melissa Philip
301 Enfield center rd. west
Ithaca, NY
Richard Kleeman
125 Castle Heights Avenue
Upper Nyack, New York
Mitchell Blanco
251 E Kingsbridge Rd
Bronx , NY
Marianne Wodnick
4280 Stonebridge Road
Morrisville, NY
Matthew Minarchek
15 Penny Lane
Ithaca, NY
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635 Sterling pl
Brooklyn, Ny
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2882 River Road
Niskayuna, New York
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133 Gabel Rd.
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305 W. 111th St. #1A
New York, NY
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52 Knoll Road
Southampton, NY
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806 Bergern St. #4
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1790 Madison Avenue
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4 dr. fink road
pleasant valley, ny
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89 Meyer Road
Middletown, New York
Roxane Offner
21 Fairview Ave. #624
Tuckahoe, NY
thomas cingel
379 Broadway
kingston, ny
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16 Glencairn Ct
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55 Medford Road
Staten Island, NY
Arnold Projansky
2 Cicero Ave.
New Paltz, NY
Eileen Fairbrother
4280 Stone Bridge Rd
Morrisville, NY
Giordana Grossi
12 Hudson St
Kingston, NY
Steven Jonas
105 Washington Ave.
Port Jefferson, NY
Roger Scott
1 North Pearl St
Buffalo, NY
Maureen Seymour
147 fish and game road
Worcester, New York
William Johnston
2438 Lucas tpk
High Falls, NY
kathryn condra
212 woodsome rd
babylon , ny
Lewis Ward
246 Smith Rd.
Newfield, New York
Michael Hartman
55 Bethune st #1011 NYC ny 10014
Elayne sears
384 Buck Mountain Rd
Crown Point, NY
Allison Jack
172 S. Applegate Rd. Apt. 5B
Ithaca, NY
Diane Bailey
1485 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY
Rosmina De La Cruz
7 Perry St. Apt. 1
Binghamton, NY
Wendy Roberts
118 East 93rd Street #9C
New York, NY
Kenneth Empey
635 Cullen Rd
Richfield Springs, NY
keith mccamy
404 Atlantic Ave
Greenport, NY
Mike Edelstein
14 Alice Court
E Rockaway, NY
Kathleenc Cronan
10 Rende Drive
Beacon, NY
Anna Carson
114 Shultz Dr. #6
Newfield, New York
H Mitchell Kawakami
364 State Street
Brooklyn, NY
Sam Lopopold
74 S Monsey
Airmont, NY
Nancy Pluta
40-12 217th Street
Bayside, NY
Giuseppe Luciani
87 Franklin Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
Gary Darden
191 St Nicholas Ave
New York, 10026
Leslie Pinilla
227 vanderbilt ave
Sandra Gasna
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
Celia Silbemran
185 Ashokan Road
Kingston, NY
Katherine Cooke
160 73rd St
Brooklyn, NY
Robes London
41 W 76th St, Apt. 3FD
New York, NY
Mike Hudak
38 Oliver Street
Binghamton, NY
Amy Harlib
212 West 22nd St. #2N
New York, NY
Kevin Finn
113 Division St
Sharon Springs, NY
Isabel Ron-Pedrique
135 William St. 4A
New York, NY
Calliope Spiliotis
54 Mill Pond Rd
Otisville, NY
Jessica Iankowitz
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
John Wolfe
359 54th Street
Brooklyn, New York
John Braungart
186 Springville Avenue
Amherst, NY
Susan Baker
39 Irving Place
Buffalo, NY
michael shelley
53 seacliff ave
miller place, ny
Neil Merrick
346 Baltic Street
Brooklyn, NY
Elizabeth Flax
329 Lewis Ave #2
Brooklyn, New York
Barbara Gautier
624 East 20 street
kevin roberts
653 allen st
stracuse, ny
Dana Drake
18 Horseshoe Lane
Warwick, ny
Jonathan Macy
127 Decker Ave.
Merrick, NY
alfonso fiero
8035 springfield blvd apt 6o
queens village, ny
Dennis Peeling
157 Symphony Ct
Eastport, NY
Myra Dremeaux
197 Forest DR
Mount Kisco, NY
Aleksandra Malamud
1167 Father Capodanno Blvd
Staten Island, NY
carrie salter
80 Metropolitan Avenue Apt. 2Q
Brooklyn, New York
Kevin Kitchen
1 North Pearl Street
Buffalo, New York
Alan Stein
7335 Utopia Pkwy.
Fresh Meadows, NY
Caroline Iosso
83 closter rd
Palisades , Ny
mary ellen pantaleo
7 black duck drive
center moriches, ny
mel berkowitz
21010 grand central parkway
jamaica, new york
Raymond Furniss
305 Chestnut Stredt
Oswego, New York
Claudia Lopez
393 S. 5th Street, Apt. 1
Brooklyn, NY
Rita Young
105 Seminary Ave
Binghamton, NY
Rick Snyder
75 Furman Cres.
Rochester, NY
Linda Rock
11376 County Road 16 Box 71
Dalton, New York
Nicole Klepper
8 Reynolds St Apt 8
Alfred, New York
Barbara Linsley
2910 Avery Rd
North Brookfield, NY
Jamie Randol
129 Millard Avenue
Bronxville, NY
jackie Weaver
116 Glen Avenue
Elmira, NY
Jim Allred
90 Dug Rd.
Accord, NY
Jessie Malecki
21 North St.
Schenectady, New York
Heather Lahman
60 Thatcher Road
Rochester, New York
Cahrles Hamilton
2 Kennedy Plaza Apt 901
Utica, NY
Greg Meola
151 weber lane
Olivebridge, Ny
Tiffany Matula
92 Gates Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Kelly Voelger
10 McGregor Ct
Clifton Park, NY
rita herbst
367 hidden waters rd
margaretville, ny
Roger Jones
578 Engleville Rd
Sharon Springs, NY
Lynn Avedisian
2201 Seely Wood Rd
Walton, NY
kristin masters
1490 Betty Brook Rd.
South Kortright, NY
Quin Lin
100 Albert St.
Johnson City, NY
allen coulter
865 west end avenue, 6b
new york, ny
Robert Frederic Martin
317 West 89th Street -- 1FE
New York, NY
Bonnie Prosser
7974 Evans Rd
Holland Patent, NY
michel mazza
1840 stephen st
ridgewood, New York
stephen richards
405 elm st
fayetteville, NY
Kimbery Reinstein
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
Rosemary Jordan
40 East 9th St #10J
New York, NY
Audrey Gray
950 41st st
Brooklyn, NY
Russell Haynes
24 Mulberry St.
Clinton, NY
Stephen Engleman
125 Valley View Rd
Ithaca, NY
Renee Dwyer
3120 Amber Road
Marietta, NY
Tracy Schleyer
42 Antlers
Rochester, NY
Laurent Tetro
641 County Hwy 4
Unadilla, NY
Tolu Odansi
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
Sheila F Donnelly
94 Frazier Road
Garrison, NY
lila york
570 west end ave
new york, new york
Gail Jankus
Old Stone Hill Road
Pound Ridge, New York
Margaret DAuria
54 Grand Ave
Tappan, NY
Gordona L'Dera
287 E 139th St, #2
Bronx, NY
Tara O'Neill
100 Scribner Rd
Millerton, New York
Ed Malin
223 Maujer Street, #1A
Brooklyn, NY
Frankie DeMarco
241 Sixth Ave., #11C
New York, NY
Jennifer Miller
7757 Stone Road
Whitesboro, New York
Tanya Agathocleous
118 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY
Shira Margulies
22-68 35th Street
Astoria, NY
David Hermanns
354 Castleton Ave.
Staten Island, NY
Nancy Freshley
20 Felix Place
Amityville, NY
Eileen Driscoll
125 Valley View Rd
Ithaca, ny
Laurie Maoz
PO Box 189
Livingston Manor, NY
Yingxi Chen
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
Ellen Neal-Jones
578 Engleville Rd
Sharon Springs, NY
Lucinda Haag
3400 Brockport Spencerport Rd.
Spencerport, NY
John Malecki
307 E 10 St., Apt. 4
New York, NY
Massiel Armengot
22 North St. Apy. 11B
Binghamton, NY
Terri Schneider
151 Ridge Road
Valley Cottage, New York
Pam Kray Gallivan
60 E 8th Street 22E
New York, NY
John Gasior
40 Clinton Street
Mount Vernon, NY
Jessica Gusberg
1600 Caton Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Jules Gibbs
109 Haffenden Rd
Syracuse, NY
Tyrone Goddard
106 Easterly Terrace
Dewitt, NY
Stephen Auciello
96-15 Plattwood Ave
Ozone Park, NY
Elke Hallidy
PO Box 103 2139 Lakeview Lane
Skaneateles, NY
Joseph Gargiulo
226 Avenue Z
Brooklyn, NY
Rebecca Swinton
196 Twist Run Road
Endicott, NY
Alex Ellram
138 Riverview Road
Schoharie, NY
Julian Sedacca
18 wing lane
Wantagh, Ny
Karen Ouyang
30-32 Murray Lane
Flushing, NY
Susan Greenstein
424 John Joy Road
Woodstock, NY
carla giuffrida
40 woods rd
yulan, ny
Barbara Ruth
7471 East Bluff Dr
Penn Yan, NY
Jeff Wendler
10427 Ellis Rd
Saint Jacob, IL
Richard Chapman
70 Boot Hill CT
Amityville, NY
Pola Lem
17 Sound Beach Rd.
Bayville, NY
Matthew Grabosky
1630 Delphi Road
Cazenovia, New York
Philip Chadwick
1311 Jackson Ave. #6E
Long Island City, NY
Pam Spritzer
West End Avenue
New York, NY
Joan Anne Caron
1 Allman Pl
New Hartford, N.Y.
Alicia Cruz
400 East 52nd Street
New York, NY
Shawn Garrett
52 Prospect Ave.
Sea Cliff, NY
Mus Abdulkarim
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
Ken Kicak
132 Kennedy Drive
Horseheads, NY
Donna Henes
279 Sterling Place
Brooklyn, NY
brian greenberg
89 chelsea drive
mt.sinai, new york
Lisa DelSignore
273 Bennett Avenue, 7A
New York, NY
Sandy Russo
625 Greenwich Street
New York, NY
Jonathan Wyatt
23 Craft ave.
Glen Cove, New York
Judith Cantor
315 East 72nd St.
New York, NY
Nicholas Lee
152 Oak St.
Binghamton, NY
Robert RSanjour
944 President Street
Brooklyn, New York
Susan Hayward
776 Bronx River Rd
Bronxville, New York
Hubert Huang
180 Hawley St.
Binghamton, NY
John Owen
802 Merchants Rd
Rochester, NY
ruth gallo
240 waverly place #63
new york, new york
Delia Tolz
24 Ross Ave
Chestnut Ridge, NY
Theo Clark
1999 Burdett Avenue
Troy, New York
Stuart Weinberg
16 montrose road
Scarsdale, New York
Elizabeth Altemus
5991 South Hill Rd
Middlesex, NY
Lena Hong
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
Charles Paliocha
950 41st Street
Brooklyn, New York
Alice Lovely
457 W 57th St.
Susan Mead
219 W. Lincoln St.
Ithaca, NY
Wendy DiMatteo
115 Richland St.
Rochester, NY
Sarah Timpson
45 Sutton Place South
New York, NY
david braucher
231 County Rt 52
greenwich, ny
David Hopkins
321 Roe Road = POB 156
Willseyville, NY
Anne Dooling
Geoge Street
Patchogue, New York
Patricia Amazalorso
12 Valerie Lane
Cortlandt Manor, NY
Chris Keil
99 Schubert St.
Binghamton, NY
Diane Katz
253 Upper Byrdcliffe Rd
Woodstock, NY
Matthew Cortese
714 S. Beech St., Apt. #1
Syracuse, NY
Jeremy Skipper
13 College Hill Rd. Apt 1
Clinton, NY
sarah westwind
5 abode rd
new lebanon, ny
Judith Wells
PO Box 72
Poyntelle, Nj
Peter Clark
Cooperstown, NY
Laura Chalfin
31 Main Street
Delhi, NY
Benedetto Puccio
PO Box 150
Spencertown, NY
Barbara Coon
3858 Rt. 28
Watkins Glen, NY
Madeline Kripke
155 Perry St. #7B
New York, New York
David Russo
17 foxcroft lane
Williamsville, Ny
Mark Goldfield
292 Park Place
Brooklyn, New York
Alex Halmen
250 Washington St.
Binghamton, NY
Michael Gelfer
345 Lake Shore Road
Putnam Valley, NY
Robert Schwartz
11 Miller Ter.
White Plains, NY
chuck dipietro
81 Pondfield Road
Bronxville, NYS
phyllis miyauchi
8 prospect st.
south glens falls, new york
Serra Borawski
Glen Ave
Port Chester, NY
Anne Lucas
18 Pine Ridge Road
Poughkeepsie, New York
Sara Sylvester
272 Fishkill Ave.
Beacon, NY
kathryn nocerino
139 w 19th St
new york, ny
Lydia Gyamioh
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
Keith Ford
P.O.Box 324
Amawalk, New York
Scott MacDougall
433 West 21st Street, Apt. 6F
New York, NY
Ajay Joshi
641 White Plains Rd
Binghamton, NY
Mark Siesel
163 Underhill Lane
Peekskill, New York
Deborah Levine
166 President Street, #3
Brooklyn, NY
Ruth Slater
1270 NorthAvenue
New Rochelle, NY
Charles Brobst
132 Hawley St Apt 2a
Binghamton, NY
Sarah Fargnoli
8 mt. Pleasant st.
Naples, NY
Michael Chung
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
Wendy Wheeler
PO Box 650
Honeoye, NY
Sophie Oberstein
272 West 107th, 6C
New York, New York
joel biazzo
110 larch street
cortlandt manor, new york
Tiffany Kopacz Johnson
59 Deer Trail
Chktg, ny
Miranda Alquist
234 Garfield Place
Brooklyn, NY
Marcia Sherwood
8 cedar st
Forestville, Ny
Elizabeth Terbrock
PO Box 311
Maryknoll, NY
Rodney Vane
9 Harvest Rd
Fairport, New York
Judy Coyne Becker
29 Breeman Street
Albany, NY
William Volcko
803 Crow Hill Rd
Skaneateles, NY
abby newton
PO Box 67
Shokan, NY
Carl Galyon
643 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY
David Kanowakeron Hill Morrison UE
P.O. Box 384
Ontario, New York
Lalita De Souza
155 West 60th Street APT 14H3
New York, New York
Glenn Smith
17 Richard Drive
West Nyack, NY
Christopher Quimi
36 Clarke St.
Binghamton, NY
Nancy Joniak
39 Jonathan
Amherst, NY
Rochester, NY
Evan Flury
61 Walnut
Binghamton, NY
Shannah Clarke
71-23 67th Place #2L
Glendale, NY
Erik Kihss
219-49 74th Avenue
Oakland Gardens, NY
Jan Tighe
187 Lake St
Pulaski, NY
Miltiade Delille
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
jose braconi
317 east 9th st
new york, NY
Lydia Miller
4408 Altschul
New York, New York
Pete Doherty
150 ocean ave
brooklyn, NY
Alden Burgess
700 4th Ave #2
Brooklyn, NY
alvin shoop
150 Bethlehem Rd
Callicoon Center, NY
Todd Rose
115 Marsh Rd
Ithaca, NY
Julie Nygren
15 Edgewood Road
Staten Island, New York
Sasha Powell
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
Zachary Loveless
18 furnace street
Norfolk, NY
Taeryn Kim
1230 York Ave, 4j
New York, NY
Marcia Ballard
5098 Lima Rd.
Geneseo, NY
Thomas Mallabar
7692 Old Floyd Road
Rome, NY
N. Dumser
313 Asharoken Ave.
Northport, NY
Anneth Delgado
4400 Vestal Parkway E
Binghamton, NY
Ellen Frieder
4 Twain Street
Baldwin, NY