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Coalition Letter to Governor Cuomo to Withdraw RD SGEIS

November 2, 2011

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York
The State Capital
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, strongly support safeguarding the environment, public health, natural resources and scenic splendor of New York’s Catskills, Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions. With that goal in mind, we request that you immediately withdraw the Marcellus Shale revised draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (RD SGEIS) in order to resolve the fundamental shortcomings documented herein.

There is a de facto moratorium on horizontal hydrofracturing in New York’s Marcellus Shale pending adoption of a Final SGEIS. The Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) 2009 Draft SGEIS received such withering criticism that Governor Paterson signed Executive Order No. 41 requiring DEC to: “make such revisions to the Draft SGEIS that are necessary to analyze comprehensively the environmental impacts associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing combined with horizontal drilling, ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated …” On 1/1/11, you signed a “continuation” of that Order.

The RD SGEIS Must Be Withdrawn Due to DEC’s Failure to Fulfill Executive Order No. 41

DEC’s RD SGEIS fails to fulfill the mandate of Executive Order No. 41. First and foremost, it is based on the erroneous assertion that:

“No documented instances of groundwater contamination are recorded in the Department’s files from previous horizontal drilling or hydraulic fracturing projects in New York. No documented incidents of groundwater contamination in public water supply systems were reported by the NYSDOH central office and Rochester district office... References have been made to some reports of private well contamination in Chautauqua County in the 1980s that may be attributed to oil and gas drilling... The reported Chautauqua County incidents, the majority of which occurred in the 1980s and which pre-date the current casing and cementing practices and fresh water aquifer supplementary permit conditions, could not be substantiated because pre-drilling water quality testing was not conducted, improper tests were run which yielded inconclusive results and/or the incidents of alleged well contamination were not officially confirmed.”

This statement is factually incorrect and deliberately misleading. Hundreds of natural gas and oil drilling, hydrofracturing and related problems have reportedly impacted private water wells, homes and the environment in New York. Those problems are documented by DEC as well as health authorities in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Allegany counties.

Ferrugia’s “Well Documented” Drinking Water Problem “Seemingly Related to Gas Well Development”

For example, DEC is well aware that the Ferrugia family near Jamestown, NY has not been able to drink their well water since 2007 after a gas well was drilled approximately 300 feet from their home. Their water is so polluted that their veterinarian even warned them not to allow their dogs to drink the water. Chautauqua County Health authorities determined: “This is a well documented case showing drinking water impacts that are seemingly related to gas well development.” Yet, DEC has refused to assist this family.

The Ferrugia’s problem directly refutes the RD SGEIS assertions about gas drilling incidents in Chautauqua County because it: a) occurred relatively recently and is on-going; b) was not prevented by DEC regulatory safeguards or gas well drilling and production improvements; c) is documented by pre-drilling and post-drilling drinking water baseline testing and d) was confirmed by local health officials.

See an interview with Mr. David Ferrugia and extensive documents regarding his water well problem at: and

Dave Eddy’s Confirmed Drinking Water Contamination in Andover, NY

The Ferrugias are not the only New Yorkers who reportedly were impacted by inadequate regulation of gas drilling. Mr. Dave Eddy and his family experienced drinking water contamination and gas intrusion into their home, reportedly due to hydrofracturing of nearby gas wells. His water pollution was confirmed by the gas drilling firm. See: and

Recently Reported Natural Gas and Oil Spills Further Document DEC’s Regulatory Shortcomings

DEC's hazardous materials spills database identifies hundreds of on-going failures to clean up oil and gas drilling pollution impacts, including at least 72 recently reported natural gas and oil concerns. See: These problems further document DEC’s regulatory enforcement shortcomings. For example:



POYSA WELL #E1 - 61 BRIGGS HILL ROAD VAN ETTEN, NY, 4/8/2011: EQUIPMENT FAILURE – BRINE – 693 gallons. “Valve on brine tank at closed-in well froze and cracked allowing a release of 16.5 barrels of fairly fresh brine.” Meets Cleanup Standards: NO.


TUSCARORA BRINE APPLICATION – TOWN OF TUSCARORA DIRT ROADS TUSCARORA, NY, 6/21/2010: DELIBERATE – BRINE. “Caller states Town is using brine from gas wells to control dust on dirt roads and are applying it way too heavy causing runoff to ditches and streams. Also concerned about his well and what might be in the brine.” Meets Cleanup Standards: NO.

A total of more than 400 historic natural gas and oil concerns are documented by DEC and local health authorities. These concerns refute DEC’s assertion that gas extraction problems do not exist: and

At Least 16 Additional Reasons Why the RD SGEIS Must be Immediately Withdrawn

In addition to the regulatory enforcement problems noted above, the RD SGEIS must be immediately withdrawn and sent back to the drawing board because it does not resolve key concerns voiced by Region 2 of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), academic researchers, citizens and local officials. It fails to:

1. Afford equal health protection to all New Yorkers living above the Marcellus Shale formation. The RD SGEIS proposes to ban Marcellus Shale horizontal hydrofracturing in the New York City and Syracuse watersheds and above State Lands and primary aquifers (at least temporarily). If horizontal hydrofracturing is not allowed in those areas, it cannot be considered “safe” for other areas of New York.

2. Resolve mortgage lending problems associated with gas leasing. The RD SGEIS ignores gas leasing impacts on mortgage lending documented by lenders, including lender reluctance to secure mortgage loans with properties with gas leases; concerns about property valuation and marketability; "set-back" issues regarding the sale of mortgage loans on the "secondary" market and potential voiding of title insurance. See:

3. Assess horizontal hydrofracturing conducted at the same well pad in both Marcellus Shale and underlying Utica Shale. The RD SGEIS does not address this potential practice, but EPA views it as a matter of grave concern. See:

4. Ban gas drilling wastewaters from being discharged into Publicly Owned Treatment Works designed for sanitary waste or adopt strict pretreatment standards. POTWs are not designed, constructed or maintained to remove or break down the high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), toxic petroleum constituents and radionuclides documented in gas drilling wastewater. EPA reports that shale gas extraction wastewater contaminants may "'pass through' the POTW, causing the POTW to violate its permit, cause 'interference' with the POTW's operation, or contamination of biosolids..." Pennysylvania has banned this practice. EPA has just begun the process of adopting national pretreatment standards for gas drilling wastewaters. See:

5. Ban toxic gas drilling wastewater from being recycled as hydrofracturing or drilling fluid. Gas drilling wastewaters, including "flowback" as well as "brine" or "produced water," are currently exempted from “GA” effluent limitations designed to safeguard drinking water drawn from the ground in New York. The RD SGEIS fails to eliminate this exemption even though gas drilling wastewater is documented to contain up to 413,000 parts per million of TDS, 72,600 parts per billion of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the diesel range as well as benzene up to 660 parts per billion. Those pollutant concentrations would vastly exceed applicable GA effluent limitations. For example, benzene is only allowed at one part per billion in permitted groundwater discharges.

6. Ban land-spreading of toxic gas drilling wastewaters. DEC allows gas drilling brine to be spread on land for dust control, roadbed stabilization and melting ice and snow. EPA recommended: "A program must be implemented to properly manage the elevated radionuclide concentrations in the brine to protect the worker health, public health, and the environment." The practice of gas drilling wastewater spreading must be halted.

7. Resolve inadequate DEC staffing problems. The infamous memo that caused DEC Commissioner Grannis to be fired noted: "Many of our programs are hanging by a thread. The public would be shocked to learn how thin we are in many areas;" The memo further noted: "While the risks to human health have already increased due to cuts to certain environmental quality programs, and especially to enforcement activities related to pollution sources, further cuts would result in unacceptable risks to New Yorkers and unacceptable liability for New York State government (emphasis added)." Governor Cuomo cut DEC’s budget in 2011. See:

8. Identify New York areas prone to higher seismic activity and propose measures to prevent earthquakes potentially associated with horizontal hydrofracturing. EPA reported that: "The dSGEIS notes that the State of New York is fairly active seismically. EPA recommends that NYSDEC limit the number of wells in areas of higher seismic activity, or require additional protective measures and monitoring." See:

9. Adopt comprehensive radionuclide standards to safeguard gas drilling workers, public health and the environment. EPA notes that "radionuclide concentrations specified in the DSGEIS represent elevated radionuclide concentrations and need to be handled, managed, and disposed of appropriately to avoid unnecessary exposure to workers, the public, and the environment." EPA also determined that "such concentrations are considered elevated and may pose unacceptable human health risk mainly via external exposure, inhalation of radon and thoron decay products, and to some degree via inadvertent ingestion."

10. Resolve EPA concerns about inadequate protection of Ecosystems and Wildlife. EPA reported: "This section [7.4] is incomplete, and does not account for the changes in the ecosystems in New York State since the preparation of the 1992 GEIS. For example, more animals and plants are on federal and state endangered species lists, habitats of all kinds are more fragmented, invasive species have impacted existing animal and plant populations, and climate change has impacted plant and animal ranges and migrations.”

11. Assess "cumulative impacts" on a comprehensive basis. EPA notes that it is "concerned that cumulative and indirect impacts need to be more thoroughly discussed in the dSGEIS. Even with its generic format, the EIS should discuss the impacts that may result from past, present, and reasonably foreseeable future projects as well as those impacts associated with drilling and hydrofracturing that may occur later in time and/or further from the immediate project site."

12. Update the 1992 GEIS. EPA notes that it is "concerned that over the past 17 years since the 1992 GElS was written, the 'existing' environment and conditions in New York State have changed sufficiently that using the information from that report as a baseline for the dSGEIS will not take into account the cumulative impacts from habitat fragmentation, population increase, and climate change that may have occurred during that time."

13. Require compliance with a critical EPA policy change regarding air quality assessment. Shortly after the draft SGEIS was released on 9/30/09, EPA adopted a major new policy regarding New Source Review (NSR) and Title V permitting programs pursuant to the Clean Air Act. This reversed the EPA policy in effect when the draft SGEIS was prepared. The new policy changes the requirements for "source aggregation" for air permitting programs. According to a DEC Powerpoint slide: "Since level of aggregation must be case by case, SGEIS cannot provide definitive answers (emphasis added)." See: and

14. Eliminate DEC’s current hazardous waste regulatory exemption for gas drilling wastes and impose strict liability for cleaning up gas drilling pollution hazards.

15. Require the New York State Department of Health to share co-lead agency status with DEC and assess health impacts on a comprehensive basis.

16. Require immediate disclosure of uncontrolled gas drilling pollution releases, establish a dedicated fund to remediate gas drilling hazards and require gas drilling firms to provide financial surety for remediating problems by posting bonds or providing insurance coverage.


The RD SGEIS fails to provide a meaningful plan to safeguard New York from the irreparable harm that could be caused by the vast industrialization associated with Marcellus Shale horizontal hydrofracturing. Unless and until DEC resolves its regulatory enforcement problems and addresses the additional concerns documented herein, New York’s de facto moratorium on horizontal hydrofracturing in Marcellus Shale must not be lifted.

We trust that you will find our request self-explanatory. Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to your prompt reply.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 22949

Hier William
2423 Route 174
Marietta, NY
Robin Appel
po box 5
Upgon, NY
Robert Kuhn
125 Fifth Avenue 10F
Pelham, NY
Michael Schiano
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Kathleen Keske
622A President St.
Brooklyn, New York
Linda Greenberg
420 East 86th St Apt. 6C
New York, NY
Mark Broschinsky
570 W. 204th St. 2c
New York, NY
Maureen Cunningham
21 Hawthorne Ave
Delmar, NY
Kate Guidetti
1550 York ave
New York, New York
Jill Fenichell
169 Prospect Place
Brooklyn, NY
Peter Craig
6 Sugarwood Drive
Pittsford, NY
Maria Studer
127 Springtime Lane West
Levittown, NY
Steven Titus
77 Woolsey Street
Huntington,, NY
mike hannen
171 laburnam cresent
rochester, ny
Laura Nichols
1361 Rt. 414
Beaver Dams, NY
Scott Amundsen
556 Gifford Hill Road
Oneonta, NY
Jayson Tillapaugh
367 Goodrich Road
Edmeston, NY
Vanessa Favero
364 West 18th Street
New York, New York
Erika Petersen
514 West End Ave
New York, New York
dulce rosal
92-27 54 avenue
Elmhurst, New York
Dana Flavin
296 state route 32 north
New Paltz, New York
Estelle Bajou
465 West 152nd Street, #45
New York, NY
Laura Etter
5044 State Route 203
Nassau, New York
Robert Kirschner
2018 29th St
Astoria, NY
Nicholas Zizelis
201-17 42 Ave
Bayside, New York
Carol Stamets
203 Horton Lane
Port Ewen, NY
Mike Yuin
678 broadway apt 3
Brooklyn , ny
Daniel Hughes
5445 Sayles Corners Rd Moravia NY 13118
Moravia, NY
Becky Hammer-Lester
PO Box 191
Eaton, NY
Rosalie Valente
164 Fancher Road PO Box 349
Richmondville, NY
Theresa Harling
318 N. Titmus Dr.
Mastic, NY
Caroline Berninger
POBox 295
Stone Ridge, NY
Dr Frederic Koehler Sutter
10 Bay Street Landing 4AB
Staten Island, NY
donald ptak
11133 marble springs road
delevan, ny
Donnie Rotkin
366 11th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Scott Palmer
428 E 9th St #3
New York, NY
Bette Alexander
114 West 27th Street
New York, NY
Jeanne Gehret
46 Duncott Rd.
Fairport, NY
Vivian Walsh
Lake Rd
Pine Plains, NY
Roberta Preisler
75 Pierrepont street
Brooklyn, New York
Dana Anthony
1063 St. Paul St Apt #1
Rochester, NY
Roy Finamore
518 East 11 Street
New York, NY
Marilyn Whitesides
158 East 7th St. #E5
New York, NY
Debra Myers
2112 Michigan Rd.
Wayland, NY
Paul Bates
336 74th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Kira Hall
34-07 42nd Street
Long Island City, NY
Sarah Garrity
E 16th st
Brooklyn, NY
Michelle Markle
3221 Sawdust RD
Wayland, New York
William Hudson
300 Riverside Drive
New York, NY
Jeremy Walz
6 Mercer St
Albany, NY
Joslyn Pine
50 7th Avenue
Sea Cliff, NY
gretchen SCHULZ
26 0neta Road
Rochester, NY
Gina Ruberto
422 McDonald Ave., Apt.2F
Brooklyn, NY
Liz McGarrity
266 East Broadway, Apt. B801
New York, NY
Brad Walrod
5587 State Route 52
Kenoza Lake, NY
Jan Fisher
2761 Route 12B
Deansboro, NY
gwyneth phillips
124 cameron ave
merrick, ny
John Zimmermann
21Walnut Place
Oyster bay , NY
Brad Christen
228 8th Avenue, #15
New York, NY
Roberta Desalle
18 West 90th Street
New York, New York
Frank Jaskulski
100 Theresa Blvd
Binghamton, New York
caroline f. themm
300 riverside drive
new york, new york
Chris Lawrence
PO Box 71
High Falls, New York
Michael Merolla
PO Box 428 63 Harbor Beach Road
Miller Place, New York
Frank Kitchens
140 West Broadway, 5B
New York, NY
Danielle Loughran
33 Cedar St
Babylon, NY
Christopher Hightower
166 West 22nd Street
Nicole Galan
1580 74th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Michael Murphy
435 Queens Hwy
Accord, NY
Robert Stack
315 8 Avenue Apt 6F
New York, NY
Mary Van Keuren
1057 Wayneport Road
Macedon, NY
Carol Olsen
423 Miles Ave.
staten island, NY
Daia Gerson
83 Smith Lane
Accord, NY
Cynthia Liss
901 80th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Frederik Rusch
600 W. End Av.
New York, New York
John Adams
2243 Beaverkill rd
Roscoe, New york
Marchand M. Finnegan
228 Darwin Drive
Amherst, New York
Nancy Haynes
275 Conover Street 5N
Brooklyn, NY
Bethany Fancher
3408 30th st
Astoria, NY
Matthew Potts
131 Vernon Ave Apt 3
Brooklyn, NY
Frank Carson
408 W. 34th St.
New York, NY
Emily Hursh
235 E 2nd St Apt A1
Brooklyn, NY
Stuart Blumner
370 1st Ave
New York, NY
Rachel Hankerson
Brooklyn, NY 11206
New York, NY
Martin Myers
761 Adirondack Road PO Box 280
Schroon Lake, New York
Teri Cameron
10224 Carousel Center
Syracuse, NY
Daniel Aliberte
629 w 170 st, 3G
New York, NY
Carol Blair
770 James St.
Syracuse, NY
Denise Szarek
7446 East South Street, Clinton, NY 13323
Clinton, New York
Patricia Marinaccio
43 Chapel Hill Drive
Brentwood, NY
Christopher Schilder
33 Gold St.
New York, NY
elaine peters
38 hollins road
hicksville, new york
Mela Lawson
6156 CR 27
Canton, NY
Mary Cosgrove
432 Western Avenue
Albany, New York
Yannai Kalman
65 Fraser St.
Staten Island, NY
Tom Garvey
15 Argyle Road
Merrick, NY
Pamela Creswell
14 Pine Street
Hankins, NY
Ken Fautz
43 Foxhall Ave.
Kingston, New York
Gerard T Dooney
45 Walton Avenue
Locust Valley, NY
William Wakefield
P. O. Box 393
DeRuyter, New York
Kristina Gsell
3574 Lerner Hall, 2920 Broadway
New York, NY
Frank Carson
48 N Manheim Blvd
New Paltz, NY
susan Zawoluk
43 River Avenue
Cornwall on Hudson, nY
Ellen Levin
203 West 22nd Street
New York, New York
Geeta Sangani
6896, Page hollow place
Fayetteville, NY
Wendy Liberatore
38 Salem Street
Greenwich, NY
Lis Harris
15 Claremont Ave. #32
N.Y., NY
Sara Schultz
65 Hunt Club Circle
East Amherst, NY
Kimi Nishikawa
28 County Route 70
Greenwich, New York
dennis rich
31 main st
w. seneca, ny
jaime cooper
76 rt. 71
Hillsdale, ny
Marc Epstein
27 John Street Apt 2
Kingston, NY
Doug Norton
Chicken Hollow Egg Ranch
Dansville, New York
Alex Tobias
2015 e. 7th St.
Brooklyn, NY
Jane Hughes Gignoux
201 West 89 Street
New York, New York
Ann Turner
8981 E Bluff Dr
Penn Yan, New York
Katherine Habib
10436 West Lake Rd
Hammondsport, NY
Miranda Gordon
28 east 10 th street apt 6e
New York, New York
Jan Goodwin
300 East 40th Street
New York, NY
james colello
staten island, new york
Gary Ingraham
2117 Ford Road
Endicott, NY
Doris Tse
3001 Henry Hudson Pkwy
Riverdale, NY
Sean Harling
318 n titmus dr
mastic, new york
William Coleman
703 W Ferry St Apt C20
Buffalo, NY
GabrieleLibbey Libbey
240 Jefferson Ave
Harbor Isle, New York
Karin Ralph
9 Gwen Place
Greenlawn, NY
Stephen Klein
93 underhill #2D
Brooklyn, NY
Grey Morris
300 Houtman Road
Saugerties, NY
Jack Tyrie, Jr.
20 Baylis Street
Oswego, NY
matthew carter
207w 106st apt 9c
ny, ny
jason pyhtila
ithaca, new york
Judith Schafer
New York , New York
Matthew Pawloski
415 gregory st 1st fl
Rochester, NY
Angelina Birney
P.O. Box 481
High Falls, New York
Daniel Lake
71 Macey Lane
Plattsburgh, New York (NY)
David Hogancamp
16 Summit Dr.
Pine City, NY
sandye renz
172 12th st.
brooklyn, Ny
Carolyn Brown
2827 Route 44
Millbrook, NY
Lynn Johnson
3213 State Route 9L
Lake George, NY
James Tate
281 West 11th Street apt 5A
New York, NY
Jake Jacobs
5 Richard Dr
W Nyack, NY
Lauren Cresswell
59 S Pine Ave
Albany, NY
Rebecca Darling
635 79th st
Brooklyn, Ny
Katherine Rabenau
Jessica Flamholz
10 Ocean Pkwy
Brooklyn, NY
richard kinter
243 West 98th st.
nyc, ny
James Tate
281 West 11th Street apt 5A
New York, NY
Miriam Derivan
100 McKay Drive
Webster, NY
gaye georges
11 creek road
smithtown, new york
Amanda Kopet
850 Youkers Bush Rd.
Saint Johnsville, New York
Margaret Hughes
24 Crimi Circle
Highland, NY
Alan Prigal
25 Nelson road
Lake Huntington, NY
photini sinnis
3 Washington Sq. Village
New York, NY
Holly Noto
32 Jones Street; Apartment 1B
New York, NY
Andrew Abate
253 Kramer Dr.
Lindenhurst, NY
Christina Pennoyer
58 Villard Ave
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Herb Alter
875 West End Ave, Apt 8E
New York, NY
Jessica Cook
258 Buckingham Ave
Syracuse, NY
Mitchell Clark
460 N. Franklin Street, # 519
Syracuse, NY
brenda brooks
po box 295
unadilla, ny
John Abel
1001 Taughannock Blvd
Ithaca, NY
Anita Bayley
225 Unionville-Feura Bush
Feura Bush, NY
Danielle Raymond
3420 Tarbox Rd
Cassadaga, New York
Timothy LaVassar
3115 Burris Rd. #53
Vestal, New York
Thomas Rowan
766 Brady Avenue, Apt. 635
Bronx, NY
Raymond Swierczynski
10 Hillside Terrace
Suffern, NY
Miles Morris
49 Menahan St. #1R
Brooklyn, NY
Karen Kwasnowski
17 Highland Dr
Marcellus, NY
Patrick Shea
24-39 38th Street Apt. 8C
Astoria, NY
Vickie Stein
1317 County Road 32
Arkport, NY
Frances Button
9625 Scipio Rd
Dalton, NY
Thomas Smusz
49 Sidney Place #2
Brooklyn, NY
Edward Zimmermann PhD
44 Bloomfield Avenue
Depew, NY
Dan Sicchio
57 Mapleview Dr
Pennellville, NY
Claudia Leff
149 Highview St
Mamaroneck, NY
Madalyn Margoles
355 8th Avenue
New York, NY
Karl McCormack
19033 E Cottonwood Dr Apt 123
Parker, CO
David Yattaw
6822 Citation Way
Victor, NY
Jeffrey Kittay
152 Homestead Trail
White Lake, NY
shawn thomas
Paul Fung
382 Central Park West, Apt. 14P
New York, New York
Donna Potak
Nichols Rd
Jefferson, NY
Joyce Abrams
30 Maple Ave.
Claverack, NY
Catherine Wolcott
616 E. 9th St. #4W
New York, NY
Michael DeLuzio
114 Highland Ave
Rochester, NY
Isabel Fisher
156 E 37th Street 9C
New York, NY
Cary Fassler
Amboy, NY
Jane Fordyce
16 Greene Street, 6S
New York, NY
67 bond street
westbury, ny
lois penn
206 east 9th street
new york, ny
angus gilchrist
46 power house rd
glen spey, NY
elisabeth Barbar
11 Deepwoods Lane
Old Greenwich, Ct
Nancy Mintz
35 Douglass Street
Brooklyn, NewYork
Gail Van Wie
24 Fenwick Rd
Hastings on Hudson, NY
Judi Ventress
341 W 24th St #2F
New York, New York
Bruce Berger
370 East 69th St.
shore david
20 meadowbrook dr
ossining, ny
Ruth Stone
1466 Hudson Ave
Stillwater, NY
Mark Solovey
55 Tompkins Ave
Hastings-On-Hudson, NY
Delia Fonseca
310 West 143rd Street #1c
New York, NY
Avi Glickstein
221 East 18th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Ben Katchor
240 West 102 St., #34
New York, NY
Layne Negrin
457 Classon Ave #8
Brooklyn, NY
Jonathan Nash
500 East 83rd Street, #10B
New York, NY
Terry Weld
9827 Ossian Hill Road
Dansville, NY
Meredith Chilson
County Road 2B
Belmont, NY
Irene Schacher
226 Homestead Village Drive
Warwick, New York
Gregory Smith
112 Lincoln Ave, 214
Bronx, NY
K. David Cook
121 Norfolk St #3
New York, NY
Andrew Melzer
112-01 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, NY
Steven Dreier
PO Box 701150
East Elmhurst, NY
Norman Sukkar
80 E. 2nd St.
Nobu Fukui
141 West 26th Street,
New York, NY
Pablo Vasile
725 4th Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Jennifer Benusis
27 warren todd subdivision rd
arkville, ny
karen Marrero
new york, ny
Janet Easton
P.O. Box 56
Woodstock, NY
James Ring
4278 Sheva Lane
Hamburg, New York
Rebecca Steere
147 Sweetfield Circle
Yonkers, NY
lisa luborsky
1496 Wittenberg Road
Mount Tremper, NY
Marina Morrone
46-42 Vernon Boulevard
Long Island City, NY
Matthew Sukkar
80 E. 2nd St.
Olivia Wong
552 Riverside Dr
New York, NY
Greg Tyler
1 Evergreen Lane
Cazenovia, NY
e hills
rt 203
chatham, ny
diana Butsch
8030 burr
west falls , ny
Daniel McCormack
13 Beehive Road
Accord, New York
sara clark
173 prospect pl
bklyn, ny
Paul Sperduto
13709 County Hwy 23
Unadilla, NY
gina speirs
500 east 11 street , apt 25
new york, NY
Jackson Sukkar
80 E. 2nd St.
Jen Nam
112 Lincoln Ave, 214
Bronx, NY
Simon Jaworski
Box 301
Centerport, New York
Grayce Paul-Dierkes
720 Church Rd
Hudson, NY