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Marcellus Shale News Compilation

DEC chief: 'Absolutely no plans' to issue fracking permits during fiscal year

ALBANY — New York’s long-awaited decision on whether to allow hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale likely won’t come before April 2015, the state’s top environmental regulator said Monday.

Joseph Martens, the state environmental conservation commissioner, told reporters that it’s “extremely unlikely” any permits for high-volume fracking will be issued before the close of the state’s next fiscal year, which runs through March 31, 2015.

The Maybe State

Anti-Fracking Protesters in Albany

They’ve become a fixture at the governor’s public appearances: Dozens, hundreds, sometimes more than a thousand activists bearing signs that read “No Fracking Way” and “Don’t Frack With Our Future.” Some have beards and bang on drums, some wear business attire. Sometimes they’re joined by Mark Ruffalo, who played the Incredible Hulk in the Avengers movie. And sometimes Pete Seeger turns up to sing “This Land is Your Land.”

Cuomo says Fracking Decision May Take Even Longer

Governor Cuomo says he may not decide whether the state should go ahead with hydro fracking for natural gas until after the November 2014 elections.

Governor Cuomo, who previously said he’d decide on whether to okay fracking in New York before Election Day 2014, now says he wants to give his Health Commissioner, Dr. Nirav Shah, all the time he needs to complete an on going health review, that began over a year ago.

Health Dept.: Transparency to come when fracking review ends

ALBANY – New York’s health review of hydraulic fracturing will continue behind closed doors because science needs to be conducted in a “sacred place,” the state’s top health official said Monday.

State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah told reporters Monday that the science surrounding high-volume fracking continues to “evolve” and that scientific work must be conducted in private to maintain objectivity.

NY gov: Still no date to decide fracking for gas

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday said he would decide whether New York should allow hydraulic fracturing for natural gas by Election Day next year _ maybe.

Cuomo also cautioned that he doesn't want even that ballpark estimate to pressure his staff into a hasty recommendation to lift or make permanent a 2008 moratorium on the "fracking" drilling method to tap gas deep in shale deposits.

DEC Commissioner Martens: State health report on hydrofracking not coming any time soon

Don't expect a final, state report on the health aspects of hydrofracking any time soon, said Joe Martens, commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Martens was referring to a report being compiled by state Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah, who this past summer said he was examining other studies across the country, including those being done by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the state of Pennsylvania.

Cuomo says 'No Do-Over' on Fracking Health Review

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state’s health study of hydrofracking doesn’t need a “do-over” as a member of his administration’s review panel charged yesterday.

Cuomo appeared unfamiliar with Binghamton Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo’s call for a new health review when asked about it in Utica on Thursday.