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10/24/14 Top 500 Cuomo Campaign Contributors
09/19/14 Withdraw DOH "review" and Draft SGEIS personal letters
05/13/14 Testimony of Walter Hang - May 13, 2014 - Before the State Senate Democratic Conference Forum regarding Natural Gas & Oil Extraction Wastewater Concerns in NY
07/02/13 Nearly 400 Personalized Communications Sent to New York Fracking Advisory Panel Request Halt to Secret DOH Shale Impact Review
04/24/13 Examples of personalized communications sent to Governor Cuomo requesting a "Public Health Impact Study" of shale gas fracking:
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10/24/14 Letter Sent to Top 500 Cuomo Campaign Contributors Requesting DOH "Review" and Draft SGEIS be Halted
Documents & Data, Documents & Data
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10/02/14 Groups referenced by signatories to the 6/23/14 Withdraw the Marcellus Shale Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter
Front Page, Letters
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07/11/14 Governor Cuomo Withdraw the Outdated Draft SGEIS cover letter
04/22/14 4-22-14 Letter to Governor Cuomo Requesting Immediate Action Due to Auburn Headworks Analysis of Natural Gas Drilling Wastewater Hazards
Front Page, Coalition Letters
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06/24/14 Governor Cuomo: Please withdraw the Marcellus Shale Draft SGEIS because it is nearly five years old, lacks any current information and would inadequately protect New York from fracking hazards
10/14/13 Letter to Fracking Panel Members Requests that DOH Review be Put On-Hold and That a Comprehensive Shale Fracking Public Health Impact Study be Undertaken
02/24/13 Coalition Letter Requests That Formal Public Participation and Major Revisions for DOH Review of HVHF Be Adopted
Documents & Data
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06/03/14 DOH "review" Campaign Summary
08/20/13 President Obama to Participate in a Town Hall at Binghamton University
08/06/13 NRDC's Response to Requests Sent to RFK, Jr. to Oppose Secret DOH Fracking Review
07/23/13 Assemblywoman Nolan's DOH Review Letters to Commissioners Martens and Shah
05/02/13 DEC Commissioner Appoints Members to Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel
03/28/13 9/20/12 Martens Statement Rejecting Call for "Independent" Health Study
01/03/13 Cuomo Administration 1-2-13 Leaked Document Related to Assessment of Potential Health Impacts From High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing
11/29/12 Revised Rule Making Documents
10/29/12 Unplugged Gas/Oil Well Concerns Documented by DEC Division of Mineral Resources and Other NYS Authorities
10/26/12 DEC’s unplugged abandoned wells database & overview map
09/26/12 9-26-12 Division of Mineral Resources Documented Oil and Gas Problems
08/02/12 List of Cuomo Contributors
07/11/12 Municipalities and Counties Where Citizens Have Submitted Written Requests that Local Authorities Adopt No Resolutions or Public Policies Supporting Marcellus Shale Gas Extraction
02/01/12 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel
12/14/11 12-12-11 Senate Testimony
07/21/11 Documents Regarding DEC-Approved Gas Drilling Wastewater Spreading for Dust Control, Winter De-icing and Roadbed Stabilization
05/20/11 Gas & Oil Leases Impact on Residential Lending and Tompkins Trust Powerpoint
03/03/11 EPA, State, & Other Marcellus Shale Documents
01/03/11 Cuomo Executive Order: Continuation and Expiration of Prior Executive Orders
10/27/10 DEC Memo Regarding Cuts
10/18/10 Queens Gazette Piece & Note from Assemblymember Catherine Nolan
09/17/10 Map: Major Drinking Water Supply Watersheds and Aquifers
08/13/10 New York Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Cuomo: The Marcellus Shale could contribute to New York's natural gas supply, but development needs to be highly sensitive to environmental concerns.
07/30/10 MMS Data
05/25/10 4/2/10 Chautauqua & Cattaraugus County Attachments
04/19/10 US Energy and Allegany County PDFs
04/09/10 Marcellus Shale News Article Compilation
01/11/10 Freeville, NY 1/7/10: "WELL RIG ON FIRE WHEN HIT NATURAL GAS POCKET...
12/05/09 Documents Related to Private Water Well Reportedly Impacted by Fracking
11/05/09 Oil & Gas Spill Profiles
10/14/09 Bixby Hill Road Documents
Front Page, Documents & Data, Documents & Data
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04/22/14 GHD Headworks Analysis of Auburn Water Pollution Control Plant
10/09/13 10/07/13 Letter to Commissioner Joe Martens
Alerts, Coalition Letters
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10/25/13 Important New Sign-On Coalition Letter Gains Nearly 800 Signatories/Potentially Useful Chats With Giant Green Group Presidents/Beat the Bushes for More Signatories
10/17/13 Governor Cuomo Reportedly Believes His Administration is Doing a "Good Job" on DOH Review/Your Eloquent Missives to the Contrary/Important New Sign-On Letter
Front Page, Comments
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10/14/13 More Personalized Communications Sent to Fracking Panel Members Requesting Halt to Secret DOH Review and Requiring Comprehensive Shale Fracking Public Health Impact Study
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03/20/13 Letter to Governor Cuomo Re: a Proposed HV HF Health Impact Study
02/12/13 Statement from DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens
02/12/13 Shah Letter to Martens
02/06/13 February 2013 Lifton Sign-on Letter
01/25/13 DOH Response 1/24/13
01/18/13 Please Do Not Finalize Your Proposed DOH Review of DEC's Marcellus Shale "health impact analysis" Until Public Participation Requests Are Fulfilled
12/08/12 extensive press coverage about inadequate DOH review of DEC "health impact analysis"
12/07/12 Letter from Donna Lupardo (126th Ass'bly Dist) asks DEC Comm. Martens to convene Fracking Panel
12/07/12 Cuomo Letter Requests DOH Review to require public participation and investigation of extensive information not included in the Revised Draft SGEIS
10/30/12 Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS in Order to Eliminate Unplugged and Abandoned Gas and Oil Well Hazards
10/30/12 Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS in Order to Resolve Inadequate Public Health Assessment Concerns
09/07/12 9/26/12 Letter to Governor Cuomo Documenting Decades of Division of Mineral Resources Enforcement Problems
08/02/12 Cuomo Contributor Letter
07/18/12 Municipalities and Counties Where Citizens Have Submitted Written Requests that Local Authorities Adopt No Resolutions or Public Policies Supporting Marcellus Shale Gas Extraction
07/03/12 Form Letter to Adopt No Resolutions or Public Policies Supporting Marcellus Shale Gas Extraction
06/14/12 Seventy Six Legislators Send Bipartisan Letter to Governor Cuomo Requesting That Six Critical Concerns to Be Fully Resolved Before Shale Gas Fracking is Permitted
05/10/12 Thank you for Calling/Request for Further Action
05/01/12 USDA CE Memo
04/25/12 SEQR review requested for LPG shale gas hydraulic fracturing
03/20/12 Cuomo Request to address mortgage lending and gas leasing concerns in DEC's SEQRA review of Marcellus Shale horizontal hydrofracturing
03/19/12 President Obama Letter regarding NEPA implications of horizontal hydrofracturing of shale to extract natural gas
01/12/12 EPA RD SGEIS Comments Letter to Cuomo
12/30/11 Coalition Letter Which Requests That You Withdraw the Marcellus Shale Revised Draft SGEIS Now Has More Than 20,900 Signatories
12/06/11 Coalition Letter With More Than 10,400 Signatories Requesting Immediate Withdrawal of the RD SGEIS
11/02/11 Letter to Governor Cuomo Regarding Ferrugia Family
08/30/11 Cuomo Letter: Revised Draft SGEIS Gas Drilling and Wastewater Spreading
06/27/11 Stringent EPA Gas Drilling Wastewater Regulatory Requirements Not Being Enforced in NYS/Please Solve This Problem in the Revised draft SGEIS
06/21/11 Letters to Commissioner Martens
06/16/11 Generic Concerned Citizen Letter to Commissioner Martens Requesting That Additional Concerns be Addressed by Revision of draft SGEIS
06/15/11 Letter to Commissioner Martens Requesting Revision of draft SGEIS to Address Additional Concerns
06/09/11 Accepting Written Public Input Without Further Delay Regarding Revising the draft SGEIS, 6/5/11
05/19/11 Letter to Governor Cuomo Regarding Natural Gas Leasing Impacts on Mortgage Lending
04/20/11 4/13/11 Letter to Governor Cuomo from New York State Legislators Re: Executive Order No. 41
04/08/11 Natural Gas Drilling Wastewater Discharged to POTWs in New York's Finger Lakes Region
03/30/11 Letter to Commissioner Martens
03/03/11 3-3-11 Letter to Governor Cuomo
12/30/10 Paterson Executive Order No. 41 Letter
12/17/10 Executive Order's Erroneous Assertion Regarding Conventional Gas Well Fracking
12/08/10 Coalition Cover Letter to Withdraw the draft SGEIS Before You Leave Office
12/01/10 Urgent Letter to Governor Paterson to Withdraw the draft SGEIS Before Leaving Office
10/28/10 Congressman Hinchey's signature on the coalition letter for withdrawal of the Marcellus Shale draft SGEIS
09/23/10 9/23/10 Letter to Governor Paterson
09/20/10 9/20/10 Letter to Andrew Cuomo
08/04/10 Letter to Mayor Michael Bloomberg
04/04/10 4/2/10 Letter to DEC Commissioner Grannis Regarding Additional Natural Gas Hazards
Post date
01/11/13 Walter Hang's Comments on DEC's Draft HVHF Regulations
01/12/12 1/11/12 EPA Comments on rdSGEIS
11/19/11 Walter Hang's 11/17/11 Marcellus Shale Revised Draft SGEIS Testimony Binghamton, NY
06/09/11 EPA Detailed Comments on dSGEIS to DEC (Dec.2009)
09/15/10 EPA hydrofracking study comments
01/06/10 dSGEIS Comments
Coalition Letters
Post date
12/27/12 Government Officials Request that Governor Cuomo Require Public Participation for DOH Review/Assessment
11/29/12 Coalition Letter To Governor Cuomo Requests Termination of DEC Shale Gas Rulemaking Proposal as well as a Restart of SGEIS Proceeding
05/10/12 New Coalition Letter to Governor Cuomo: Oppose a Possible Southern Tier Fracking Demonstration Project and Require Full Enforcement of Executive Order No. 41
11/01/11 Coalition Letter to Governor Cuomo to Withdraw RD SGEIS
01/03/11 Coalition Letter to Governor Cuomo Regarding Executive Order No. 41: Requiring Further Environmental Review of High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Combined With Horizontal Drilling
11/13/09 Coalition Letter Requesting Governor Paterson to withdraw the Department of Environmental Conservation's Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (dSGEIS) for Oil and Gas Mining
Post date
03/23/11 CB #1 - Manhattan: Request to withdraw dSGEIS
04/29/10 CB #1 – MANHATTAN: Hydraulic Fracturing in the New York City Watershed
04/26/10 Town of Ulysses Resolution
04/26/10 Cortland County Resolution
04/13/10 Danby Town Board Urging Withdrawal of dSGEIS
04/08/10 Community Board #1 - Manhattan Resolution
04/08/10 Enfield Town Board Resolution
03/12/10 Village of Dryden Resolution
01/08/10 Town of Ithaca Withdraw Marcellus Shale draft SGEIS Resolution