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Why should I care about toxic sites?

Homes, properties and businesses in every community in New York are contaminated by hidden toxic sites that can reduce property value and threaten the health of residents.

These sites can impose costly toxic clean up liability on property owners and operators, even those who did not cause the pollution problems.

The most common toxic sites involve leaking underground petroleum/gasoline storage tanks, industrial dumps and abandoned landfills.

Many of the problems caused by toxic sites are virtually impossible to spot with the naked eye. Over time, drinking water pollution, contaminated indoor air and direct contact with pollution can result.

Toxics Targeting has compiled detailed information for more than 650,000 known and potential toxic sites in New York. We offer reports that search for reported toxic sites on as well as around a specific address. Identified sites up to one mile away are mapped and profiled. Each report only costs $150.00. We answer your questions and walk you through your report.

We also offer a free interactive map that illustrates the locations of reported sites with Bird's Eye View, Street View and Google Earth map coverages.