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Robert Worth

In Town of Contaminated Wells, Outrage and Fear

One Sunday afternoon in mid-October, Daniel Whalen was helping a neighbor saw a limb off a tree when the neighbor said something disturbing: state environmental officials had told him to stop drinking water from his well, and to stop cooking and showering with it, too.

Legacy of Poison in Twice-Excavated Yards

Tom Harrington's backyard in Queensbury, N.Y., looks much as it used to, except for a few telltale signs: the maple tree is smaller, the swing set is in a different place, and the lawn has strange lines running through it, like a bad hair implant.

PCB Worries Are Spreading From Hudson To Its Shores

For 25 years, environmental groups and state officials have concentrated on the problems posed by toxic PCB's in the Hudson River, but now they are starting to focus on dozens of contaminated spots in landfills and backyards in the upper Hudson Valley.

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