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lthaca Falls/Ithaca Gun Cleanup Campaign

Comments Re: Former Ithaca Gun Factory Brownfield Cleanup Program Site No. C755019, 121-125 Lake Street Ithaca, NY 14850

Toxics Targeting Reiterates Request That Ithaca Falls/Ithaca Falls Overlook/Ithaca Gun Be Included in the National Priority List for Superfund Clean up

Toxics Targeting Releases Previously Withheld State Data Which Documents High-Level Lead Contamination in the Famed Ithaca Falls Gorge Trail Area in Ithaca, NY


EPA taking action to address lead contamination at Ithaca Falls - 4-3-2018
Report: High Lead Levels Found at Ithaca Falls - 4-3-2018
Toxic lead levels found at Ithaca Falls again after millions spent on cleanup - 4-4-2018
Extensive pollution persists at Ithaca's two most toxic sites - 4-3-2018


Thank you for the Ithaca Falls Gorge Trail site visit and discussion of recent high-level lead concerns - Apr 2018

Walter Hang's Request that Governor Cuomo Reject the Proposed "No Further Action" Remedy for the Ithaca Falls Overlook - 7-17-2017

Request that EPA Include Ithaca Falls/Ithaca Gun in the National Priority List for Federal Superfund Clean pursuant to New Subsurface Soil Gas Vapor Intrusion Rule - 6-20-2017


Click here to download the Ithaca Falls 2/28/18 Lead Sampling Results Map in PDF format


Former Ithaca Gun Factory Site - March 21, 2018 Analytical Report Lead Detection Results

Former Ithaca Gun Site - Post Demolition Screening Results Map - Oct 2013


EPA temporarily covers highly lead contaminated Ithaca Falls Gorge Trail with stones - 4/4/2018

Photos of Toxic Concerns at Ithaca Falls/Ithaca Falls Overlook 4/2/18

Click here to see all the Photos of Toxic Concerns at Ithaca Falls/Ithaca Falls Overlook 4/2/18

Ithaca Falls Overlook Photos - 7-28-2017