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Tompkins County Public Library Prepares for Demolition


The city of Ithaca and a local developer are being pushed to protect the community from potential asbestos exposure.

Toxics Targeting released documents on asbestos in the old Tompkins County Public Library. They argue demolishing the building would release the material into the air.

But, the developer, Travis Hyde says the city has already condemned the building and water would be used during demolition to control exposure.

As the two sides disagree, residents are caught in the middle.

“We learned to our shock and really our horror that the developer had gotten the building condemned which apparently means that they no longer have to implement that original plan and they can simply tear the building down with the asbestos containing material is intact,” said Ithaca resident Susan Kramer.

The company is planning to start preparations for the demolition as soon as next week.