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Toxics Targeting Holds Fracking Rally Calling on Governor Hochul


On December 12th, Ithaca-based environmental database firm Toxics Targeting held a rally outside Binghamton City Hall promoting a statewide coalition letter calling on Governor Hochul to ban Marcellus Shale fracking.

Marcellus Shale is a form of fracking that pressurizes carbon dioxide and other gases to form liquids for oil and natural gas extraction.

Toxics Targeting has documented the various effects oil and natural gas extraction has had on the environment, including explosions, fires, and high rates of contamination.

The group is calling on Governor Hochul to ban all versions of hydro-volume hydraulic fracking.

"We're calling on Governor Hochul to prohibit high volume hydraulic fracturing once and for all on a comprehensive basis," President of Toxics Targeting Walter Hang said. "She must fulfill the promise that was made in 2015 to safeguard New York from all forms of high-volume hydraulic fracturing. And we're going to be holding her accountable, documenting these problems and making sure that New York stays completely 100% shale frack free."