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‘Toxic Targeting’ announces campaign against local fracking


(WBNG) -- "Toxic Targeting" is an environmental database firm based out of Ithaca and it announced a statewide campaign on Tuesday to require Governor Kathy Hochul to prohibit fracking in the Marcellus Shale.

In New York, hydro-fracking is outlawed and the organization hopes other extraction methods like the one that uses carbon dioxide will soon be outlawed as well.

The campaign is a response to the company “Southern Tier Solutions,” which has sent out thousands of letters to local landowners as they look to use carbon dioxide for natural gas extraction.

The President of Toxic Targeting Walter Hang explained how this method would work.

"It would very likely use carbon dioxide that they get from industrial manufacturing processes," said Hang. "It’s associated with alcohol pneumonia fertilizer so it’s not in any way a solution to our climate change problems."

Toxic Targeting said natural gas extraction pollution problems are often associated with fires, explosions and polluted drinking water.