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Please Show Up Tomorrow Evening at Elmira Holiday Riverview to Demand That Governor Cuomo and DEC Clean Up Toxic Contamination at Elmira High School Without Further Delay

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See below how Toxics Targeting generated front-page and TV coverage by using data obtained from the Department of Environmental Conservation to document massive toxic contamination at Elmira High School in Elmira, NY that has not been cleaned up for 20+ years.

Thanks to all the hard-working journalists. See: Elmira High School Clean Up Campaign


I implore all activists and Elmira, NY natives who want toxic contamination at Elmira High School to be cleaned up in strict compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements to SEND THAT MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR to Governor Cuomo and his Department of Environmental Conservation at a public meeting scheduled tomorrow, Wednesday 5/2/18 from 6:30 to 8 p.m., at the Elmira Holiday Inn Riverview, 760 East Water Street, Elmira, NY.

Get there in full force. No excuses. DEC has failed to clean up the polluted Elmira High school grounds for more than 20 years. It reportedly has no intentions of doing so now.

Generations of EHS students, faculty, staff, athletes and coaches have undoubtedly been exposed to toxic chemicals which threaten their long-term health. Future EHS generations must be protected.

Call Governor Cuomo at 518 474 8390 to echo the request that: all toxic pollution identified at Elmira High School must be comprehensively remediated in strict compliance with all applicable regulatory regulatory requirements without further delay.

Read my respectful: Request That Former Sperry Remington Site in Elmira, NY Be Comprehensively Cleaned Up as a Class 1 Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Site

Enough is enough. Environmental Justice Delayed is Environmental Justice Denied.

Former Elmira High Students Across the Nation Have Suffered Heart-Breaking Health Hazards

After New York's deplorable failure to clean up EHS came to light, I was contacted by many alums who suffered life-threatening health hazards. Read this heart-rending account:

"Hello I’m ___. I was one of the many that got sick after attending Elmira High School - fka Southside HS. I went there 9_’ - 9_’ and was diagnosed with leukemia right after I graduated. Had to postpone college for a year while on chemo. 20 years later in 2017, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just finished chemo and immunotherapy treatments last month. I’ve fought 2 major cancers before the age of 40 - doctors are perplexed. Daily I think to myself “what’s next for me?” Why it chose me over someone else? Not sure - Cancer seems to be biased in its ways I suppose. Great article though it’s sad it’s still going on."

Toxics Targeting Used Data Obtained From DEC to Document the Agency's 20+ Year Failure to Clean Up Massive Toxic Contamination at Elmira High

Toxics Targeting posted for public review extensive data documenting toxic concerns at Elmira High: Government Data Documenting Environmental Health Concerns at Elmira High School

You can see precisely where polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) hazardous waste, toxic metals and cancer-causing contaminants have been identified on the Elmira High School grounds in surface soils, shallow soils (0 to two feet) and groundwater.

New York should have required ALL of these polluted areas to be cleaned up decades ago in strict compliance with regulatory requirements. Our state's failure to enforce public health and environmental safeguards s shocking and unacceptable.


Unfortunately, New York has failed to clean up massive contamination hazards at legacy toxic sites all over our state. The battle to remediate those sites begins in Elmira, NY.

Go Hard. The public health of New Yorkers, both near and far, depends on our efforts.

Do not stop until you drop.

I look forward to seeing legions of stalwart activists who believe that their home towns are worth fighting for tomorrow evening in Elmira, NY.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work. We are in this together.