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Stone Quarry Apartments Project

Federal agency takes note of Stone Quarry site fouling

Recent complaints of environmental contamination at the site of an affordable-housing complex on Spencer Road have gotten the attention of a federal agency, but the practical effect may be limited.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development advised the City of Ithaca to reopen the public-comment period on using federal money to help Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services and not-for-profit developer Pathstone Corp. build the 35-unit Stone Quarry apartments project on Spencer Road.

Ithaca’s Spencer Road residents to fight apartments

A photo of a sign giving notice for a hearing on site plan review of the Stone Quarry apartment
project was provided to the City of Ithaca. (Photo: City of Ithaca)

Ithaca residents of the area around Spencer Road and Stone Quarry Road pledge to keep fighting the planned affordable-housing rental complex that won city approval this week.

Two Maps that Identify Contaminated Areas of the Proposed Stone Quarry Apartments Site Which Should be Remediated to Meet "Unrestricted Use" Requirements

7/29/2014 Email to Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick

Dear Mr. Mayor:

As a follow up to my last letter, I am providing two maps that identify extensive contaminated areas at the proposed Stone Quarry Apartments site which should be remediated to meet the "unrestricted use" and other clean up requirements that I referenced.

Ithaca officials change story about toxic contaminants at controversial development

Ithaca, N.Y. — Yesterday, Ithaca officials said they didn’t need to give state agencies a clean-up plan for toxic pollutants found on the site of a controversial city development in 2012.

Today, that story has changed. The executive director of the Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services acknowledged Tuesday that the state is in fact requiring the city to submit a clean-up plan subject to state oversight.

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