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Activists Respond To Fracking Ban Included In NYS Executive Budget


Activists are applauding Governor Andrew Cuomo's permanent ban on high-volume hydraulic fracking in the FY 2021 Executive Budget Legislation, but they say there's one catch -- the ban only includes extraction with water.

Now activists like Toxics Target President Walter Hang are pushing for Governor Cuomo to ban all methods of fracking, including gelled propane fracking.

"It's this incredibly flammable, dangerous explosive gas," said Hang.

Toxics Targeting found that there are more than 300 confirmed water drinking incidents associated with oil and gas extraction and shale fracking in Pennsylvania since 2008.

"That's what we saved New York from," said Hang.

Hang says public health and the environment will not be protected if the ban does not include all forms of hydraulic fracking.