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What comes next for FERC?


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NEW YORK STATE OF MIND: Energy Secretary Rick Perry offered some harsh words Thursday for the state of New York energy, suggesting the federal government should consider preventing the state from blocking new natural gas pipelines. “I think we need to have a conversation as a country, is that a national security issue that outweighs political concerns in Albany, New York?” Perry said, referring to the administration’s central national security argument behind efforts to bail out economically struggling coal and nuclear power plants.

Perry has criticized New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for years, but didn't mention him by name in his remarks at the World Gas Conference. Perry said political opposition to new gas infrastructure had left the state vulnerable, including to major winter storms and cyberattacks. "And people literally have to start making the decision about ‘Do I keep my family warm? Do I keep the lights on?' Does the financial center of New York go dark? Do the hospitals shut down?" he said. Read more from Pro’s Matt Daily.
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