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Environmentalists Across New York are Asking Cuomo for a Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Projects


Environmentalists from all across New York are urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to issue a moratorium on all fossil fuel projects after newly released data shows that state officials fail to regulate and clean up after them.

"It would be irresponsible to continue to permit these giant storage and transport facilities to be built and operated given the state of New York's absolutely shockingly inadequate record of regulatory control," said Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting President.

His company, an environmental database firm out of Ithaca, released previously undisclosed documents (Information Request and Spill Compilation) on Wednesday which show that fires, explosions, and illegal wastewater discharge were all found at a Liquefied Petroleum Gas storage facility in Bath.

"The Department of Environmental Conservation's own data reveals that the agency has repeatedly failed to prevent major pollution hazards at Liquefied Petroleum Gas and natural gas storage sites in our state or to clean them up to state standards," said Hang.

The Coalition Letter states that "the proposed moratorium is critical in transitioning New York to a less polluting energy future." Nearly 1,400 people have already signed the letter including 22 state Legislators.

In addition to requesting that Cuomo not grant a gas storage permit for a proposed LPG facility in Reading, the opposition is also asking for a temporary end to "virtual pipeline" projects like the proposed Compressed Natural Gas Trucking Transfer Station in Fenton.

"Under no circumstances should the Governor permit Liquefied Petroleum Gas storage in Reading, NY that would imperil Seneca Lake for decades to come or any compressed gas truck transfer facilities that would perpetuate New York's addiction to polluting fracked gas," said Hang.