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Officials To DEC: Stop Cargill Mining Under Cayuga Lake


Leaders in Tompkins County are looking to preserve one of the area's best resources.

Officials say a letter has been sent to the DEC asking not to reauthorize Cargill's permit for the Cayuga Salt Mine. They claim research has shown the tectonic forces caused by mining could cause serious damage to the lake.

Officials want the company to operate under dry land rather than under the lake. Damage to the lake could have a huge ripple effect on the community.

"The people that live on the lake, the people that come here because of the lak, this is just a precious resource that we cannot put at risk," said Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (D - Ithaca). "We have to live by the precautionary principle that says we have to assume the worst on these things. We have a reason to think that there is risk here, and we shouldn't be taking that risk at all."

The Cargill Salt Group released a statement, saying, "Cargill is proud to be part of the Lansing community, and we take great pride in operating our mine in a safe and sustainable way, and look forward to continuing to provide our customers with de-icing solutions that save lives, enhance commerce and reduce environmental impact."