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Assembly woman speaks out against Cayuga Lake salt mine


ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) -- A local Assemblywoman and database firm are calling for an end to salt mining under Cayuga Lake.

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton and Toxics Targeting believe salt mining in the lake could have devastating effects on the area.

Cargill has had a thirteen-thousand acre salt mine underneath the lake for years.

The Assemblywoman is urging the DEC to deny Cargill's permit before there's a mining failure in our area.

"I'm letting people know that I've heard a lot of concern in my community from people," said Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton. "Letting the state know that. We want to, obviously, communicate very strongly to the decision makers, the authorities, the DEC and Albany that this is something that we care deeply about here in Tompkins County."

President of Toxics Targeting, Walter Hang, says if there was a catastrophic failure in the Cayuga Mine, the lake's ecology could be impacted. He says it could also threaten the drinking water of more than 30,000 residents.

Both Toxics Targeting and Assemblywoman Lifton want the mining program to not be re-authorized and moved away from the lake.

Cargill's mining permit ends on November 1st.

To learn more about Toxic Targeting's research into the Cayuga salt mine, you can visit their website at: