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Opponents of Town of Fenton natural gas compressor ramp up efforts


PORT DICKINSON, N.Y. - Opponents of the Fenton natural gas compressor and trucking terminal are ramping up their efforts to stop the project.

Over 70 people came out to a meeting held by Fenton RAC (Residents Against Compressor).

The facility is being constructed along West Service Road in Hillcrest, but work was forced to halt after Fenton RAC and the Chenango Valley School District filed an Article 78 lawsuit against the Town of Fenton and the operators of the facility, NG Advantage.

The company plans to tap gas from the Millennium Pipeline which will be compressed into trucks and transported across the state.

On Monday night, the group heard from Walter Hang, President of the Ithaca-based environmental firm Toxics Targeting.

He says in order to fight the project, residents need to organize, raise money and lobby the Governor.

Hang encouraged attendees to phone bank the Governor and gather more residents to support their cause.

Fenton RAC founding member and Town of Fenton resident Adrienne Irons says they're worried about traffic and the station's proximity to nearby schools and churches.

"We're concerned because they're calling for between 100 and 150 trucks per day. We already have a small intersection that is already very clogged. We're just concerned about traffic and potential accidents," said Irons.

While some residents are fighting the station, NG Advantage has earned the endorsement of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce.

In a statement Tuesday, State Senator Fred Akshar says he supports natural gas expansion, but suggested that NG consider another location.

On Wednesday afternoon, a Supreme Court Judge will rule on the Article 78, and according to Fenton RAC, the suit contains language to allow the judge to put an end to the project completely.

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