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Environmentalists Call on Governor Cuomo to Halt Fenton Natural Gas Compressor Station


Environmentalists on Friday were calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to put a moratorium on the controversial Town of Fenton natural gas compressor station and other projects like it.

“Let’s lead by example. It’s the best way to lead. It’s the only way to lead and today is the best step forward” said Cuomo in a speech from October of 2015.

Environmentalists are asking the governor to do just that, calling for a halt on projects like this natural gas truck filling station in Fenton.

President of Toxics Targeting, Walter Hang said in a press conference Friday, "This is it, it’s either put up or shut up. He can't have it both ways, he can't be against natural gas consumption, fossil fuel consumption that we know contributes to local problems as well as global climate change and continue to allow these projects to go forward."

Hang runs environmental database firm “Toxics Targeting”, and found 28 D.E.C reports of spills, explosions and fires involving delivery trucks and compressor stations across the state:

Hang said, "The state should take a step back and say, we can’t allow these facilities to be built and operated until we know what the concerns are with regard to public health and the environment"

The Town of Fenton has already approved the N.G Advantage station, which would fill 125 trucks a day with compressed natural gas. It’s a relatively new technology. Another reason Hang says needs to proceed with caution.

"It is largely unrecognized and unregulated and that’s why we're calling on the Governor to adopt a moratorium on these proposed facilities because the state of New York hasn't studied them they haven't looked at the kinds of problems that are associated with these facilities." said Hang.

Hang says the Fenton site and other projects involving fossils fuels that emit greenhouse gasses contradict the governor’s own energy policy.

Hang told Fox 40, he is not only concerned with the long term effects of perpetuating New York’s use of fossil fuels, but also the immediate hazard of having a compressor station in close proximity to heavily frequented areas. Hang released a “sensitive receptor map” that identifies two schools, three day care facilities, five churches and two public parks to be within one mile of the “virtual pipeline” compressor station.

More than 1,200 people have already signed the coalition letter.

For more information on Hang's organization click here: Toxics Targeting

Sensitive Receptor Map

You can read the full documentation provided by Toxics Targeting below: