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Activists Scoff at DEC's Ithaca Gun Company Site Cleanup Proposal


ITHACA, N.Y. -- The latest cleanup proposal for the former Ithaca Gun Company site is drawing criticism from local activists.

The DEC hosted an open house to give people a look at their plans for the Ithaca Falls area Tuesday.

The site has had extensive lead contamination for years.

Numerous cleanup efforts and millions of dollars have been spent, but none have been able to completely fix problem.

A recent EPA post-excavation test revealed lead levels were up to 30 times the allowable standard in some areas.

Some environmental activists say the DEC's plan doesn't go far enough to protect the city.

"The decision in the proposed remedy selection that we are discussing tonight is only for a portion of what was once the Ithaca gun company property," said Gary Priscott, DEC project manager.

"It isn't just behind this pathetic, little chain link fence, it is all throughout this area where the dust can blow and accumulate," said Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting Inc. president.

Activists say they will campaign to make sure the site gets cleaned up for good.