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Letter to Governor Cuomo calls for moratorium of fossil fuel infrastructure



A number of state lawmakers are looking for more action from Governor Cuomo to prevent more investment in fossil fuels.

Ithaca-area Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton has inked a letter to the Governor to call on a moratorium of fossil fuel infrastructure.

She says the Cuomo should not grant any permits allowing companies to expand their fossil fuel footprint.

Instead, Lifton says more should be done on the demand side to retrofit homes and businesses with energy efficient enhancements.

She says there is even more research out there that points to the harms of fossil fuels.

"Dr. Bob Howarth out of Cornell is telling us that methane is a huge problem. Methane in the short 20 year window is 104 times more potent as a greenhouse gas compared to carbon dioxide," said Lifton.

Expanded fossil fuel infrastructure projects include pipelines, compressor stations, power plants and gas storage facilities.

Over 20 Senators and Assembly members have signed the letter.