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Bernie Sanders Focuses on Climate Change at Binghamton Rally


BINGHAMTON (WENY) -- Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd of 5,000 supporters Monday morning in Binghamton.

He discussed issues from criminal justice reform, to health care accessibility, and free college tuition. The crowd most passionately responded to Sanders' dire warning of the need to address climate change.

"There would be more drought, more floods, more extreme weather, more rising sea levels, more acidification of the ocean. And it also means more international conflict as people fight over natural resources," Sanders says.

"Climate change is real and so is global warming. I believe it 100 % and I love that Bernie Sanders acknowledges the climate change and that global warming is happening. And we need to take this to heart. This is our planet. We live here. We share it together," says Pierre Agosto, who currently lives in Binghamton with his young daughter.

New York's primary is next Tuesday April 19th. As far as poll numbers go: a Monmouth University poll released today puts Sanders at 39% among New York Democrats, compared to Clinton who ranks up 51%.