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Will The Constitution Pipeline Help or Harm The Community?


At least 100 people in support of the Constitution pipeline held a rally Saturday in efforts to advance the project.

The Joint Landowners of New York held the rally at the River Club in Afton where shared their thoughts on how this natural gas pipeline will benefit the community.

Supporters say it will bring many jobs to the area.

"The point of today is to make sure that everyone understands that the communities along the pipeline route want this pipeline. There are tremendous community benefits; there will be $13 million dollars in economic impact, over 2400 jobs," says Scoot Kurkosvi, attorney for the Joint Land Owner Coalition.

"Oil and gas pipelines are the key to the modern economy. They literally are the way to carry oil and gas to homes and factories across our nation. When you strangle the development of oil and gas pipelines, you shut down our economy," says Fill the Gas Odessey director Aaron Price.

Yet the president of Toxic Targeting is against this. He says that data shows these pipelines will contaminate the water supply and put the community at risk for potential explosions.

"The federal Clean Water Act is absolutely crystal clear. The Section 401 Water Quality Certifications can only be provided when the Department of Environmental Conservation deems that the project will not violate water quality standards." says Walter Hang, president of Toxic Targeting.

The status of the Constitution Pipeline is still pending.