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Activists Want Pending N.Y. Natural Gas & Oil Infrastructure Projects Stopped

Report released on spills, fires and other incidents in N.Y.


A year after New York's fracking ban was announced, fracking opponents are launching a new campaign.

They want to stop projects that might transport, by pipeline, fracked natural gas or oil.

An environmental database firm called Toxics Targeting is releasing a summary of 114 incidents of spills, fires, explosions or ruptures of the natural gas and oil pipeline infrastructure in New York State.

The firm says hundreds of homes have been evacuated and eventually demolished and that toxic discharges have not been cleaned to state standards.

Toxics Targeting spokesman Walter Hang says even the most reliable equipment used in the industry isn't foolproof.

Hang said: "The bottom line is that you can have the best technology but that doesn't mean that's it's not going to fail. That's exactly what we've seen time and time again in New York based on the DEC's own data. It's not just one or a little spill, there are literally thousands of these spills,"

Hang wants Governor Cuomo to deny all pending water quality certification applications for new natural gas, petroleum and crude oil infrastructure projects, including the proposed Constitution Pipeline that would run through the eastern part of the Southern Tier.