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Fractivists call on Cuomo to ban all forms of fracking



Opponents of hydraulic fracturing say Governor Cuomo is not keeping his promise of banning the practice in New York State.

Toxics Targeting President Walter Hang held a news conference this afternoon to call on the Governor to revise his ban on fracking to include all forms, rather than just ones that utilize water.

Hang said the current regulation only bans the practice that uses water to fracture the shell to release gas.

Hang also said the definition of high-volume fracking is limited to pumping over 300,000 gallons of water into all wells.

He said the wording of the rules creates a loop hole to allow alternative sources including foamed nitrogen and gelled propane.

"The bottom line is the Governor promised he was going to prohibit high-volume hydraulic fracturing and he has not kept his word. That's why we'll be writing to him to request a supplemental finding statement," said Walter Hang.

Hang obtained documents through a Freedom of Information request that reveals the State's knowledge of a proposal from Tioga County landowners to obtain a permit for gelled propane fracking months before the DEC's supplemental findings statement was released.

Hang said the state chose to only ban portions of fracking knowing gelled propane would be on the table.