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Letter Hopes To Restart The SGEIS


Hundreds of people have signed onto a letter asking Governor Cuomo to withdraw the documents originally designed to help establish guidelines for fracking.

Former Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan, Toxics Targeting President Walter Hang and others say the 5-year-old draft is outdated and lacks a comprehensive health study. Hang says an ongoing fracking health review by the state must be halted and a transparent public health impact study should be done.

Walter Hang says, "The Governor has promised that his final decision, whether to permit shale fracking in New York, would be based on good science. So, that means that it has to based on our current understanding of what the pollution hazards are. There are literally hundreds of studies, government investigations that are not addressed in this document."

Hang's letter to the Governor is on his website, The organization Unshackle Upstate and the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce issued a statement this afternoon saying that Southern Tier residents are tired of gas development being a political issue and that the state should allow fracking to proceed.