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Anti-Frackers Demand Governor Cuomo Takes New Action


BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- An anti-fracking coalition says a lot has happened in the past five years. With recent studies, government investigations, and new technology and information available, they are demanding the governor keep up with the times. They are asking him to withdraw the current DEC Draft Environmental Impact Statement on hydraulic fracturing.

"It's not current. It lacks literally hundreds of new studies and that’s why it has got to be stopped," said Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting president.

Hang wants Gov. Andrew Cuomo to take new action. He calls the current draft, "ancient" and not suitable for the governor to make a final decision on fracking.

"He hasn’t been able to approve shale fracking because he hasn’t been able to complete the Department of Health Review conducted totally in secret and he hasn’t been able to adopt comprehensive public health and environment safeguards pursuant to a final SGEIS," Hang said.

Former Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan says an updated statement is necessary to completely understand the potential hazards.

“It’s never been all put together to see what the real public health impacts of this industry are,” Ryan said.

Supporters of natural gas drilling say if the draft has been successful thus far, it should not be withdrawn.

"There has been fracking in New York state for 60 years, they have not had incidents. The regulations as they stand were very effective and efficient. There is no need to update the regulations," said Gary VanDriesen, 7911 Landowners Coalition leader.

The Department of Health Commissioner recently resigned before completing his review of the health impact analysis, an evaluation that must be completed before a final impact statement is adopted.

The coalition's letter to the governor currently has more than 875 signatures.

To view the draft: head to this link

To view the letter: head to this link