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What impact can fracking have on our health?


Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Do you know what impact fracking has on our health?

That was the question being posed by representatives of environmental groups and citizen organizations.

A press conference was held Tuesday afternoon to call for a halt to the Department of Health's review of fracking hazards.

Speakers said they have already written to Governor Cuomo's 500 largest campaign contributors asking them to safeguard public health and the environment.

Participants warned that the DOH has conducted their analysis on fracking in secret without any opportunity for review or public comment.

"Everyone wants good jobs, everyone wants a viable economy," said President of Toxics Targeting Walter Hang. "We have to realize that New York State's policy is that we don't want to harm the economy and the jobs because we harm the environment."

Attendees also noted that the current 'fracking environmental impact' statement is more than five years old and lacks any current scientific information.